Polyester Chaps, A Sack Of Potatoes, and Middle-earth: An Interview With Black Prairie

Black Prairie

Bringing to mind the image of a romantic slow dance under a fading blood-red moon, the music of Black Prairie’s bluegrass-influenced orchestrations are as likely to have you slapping a rhythm across your knee as they are to quietly lull you to sleep. Comprised of members from the Portland, Oregon area, including three-fifths of The Decemberists (Christopher Funk, Nate Query, Jenny Conlee) and prolific artists Annalisa Tornfelt and Jon Neufeld, the band’s expert musicianship and down-to-earth attitude have delighted critics and audiences everywhere they go.

Before their performance at The Frequency this Sunday (October 21), guitarist Christopher Funk answered a few abstract questions via e-mail for True Endeavors about the instrumental-style music of the band and his thoughts regarding reincarnation. Continue reading

Just Announced Madison Concert + Win Tickets: Black Prairie, 10.21.12

Sunday, October 21, 2012


(featuring members of The Decemberists)

Black Prairie

The Frequency – 8pm

$10 ADV and DOS – 18+

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