Get Heavy With Thurston Moore and Chelsea Light Moving This Thursday

Chelsea Light Moving


This week, Madison will play host to a true indie rock legend (Sonic Youth’s Thurston Moore) and his new outfit Chelsea Light Moving.   Jonk Music‘s Chris Lay described the band by saying,”Moore and posse aren’t looking down their noses at you; quite the opposite. They’re the musical equivalent of an older sibling loaning you records they bought after their freshman year in college. They want you to dig it, and you know you’ll be better for it.”  Read the rest of his praises here.


Join us for the show, won’t you?  Tickets are still available for the band’s March 28 concert at the High Noon Saloon.  

Madison Concert Ticket Giveaway: Chelsea Light Moving

Chelsea Light Moving


Thurston Moore’s new outfit, Chelsea Light Moving, has been earning massive praise for their self-titled debut.   “Thurston Moore has his sonic menace back,” boasts Q magazine.  Drowned In Sound similarly asserts, “While preserving his natural nonchalant charm, Thurston sounds more vigorous, bellicose, twitchy and forceful than he has in years.”

Evan from Madison’s own Strictly Discs elaborated a bit more…

For all their canonization as the principals of NYC art rock, a look through a slightly different lens reveals a Sonic Youth that was just a punk band that ended up in the galleries. Once they got there, they crossed up the catalogs with gleeful abandon, programming an enchanting racket out of dystopian noir, blighted urban beauty, and other subversive cultural pulp. SY’s Thurston Moore has solidified a new band, made of confederates that appeared on his last tour (Sunburned Hand’s John Moloney, Samara Lubelski of countless NYC avantfolk groups, and Keith Wood of Faun Fables), and with this album they give us a studied look at a parallel universe version of SY that stayed trying to sound like the Minutemen, Necros, and DC’s Untouchables (remember “Nic Fit” from Dirty?) instead of going on to sound like, well, Sonic Youth. Chelsea Light Moving, itself, is a reference to the name of the moving company of NYC’s chief yeoman sonic crafstman: Philip Glass. The album is yet another swiftly New Yorkian portrait, full of moody gray and brown guitar hues that occasionally menace, but fly highest when they weave a somber, sidewinding melody. This is pretty much exactly what you want to hear from the dude at this point in his career. How did he know?

As you probably know, the band will be playing the High Noon Saloon on Thursday, March 28.  Read on to find out how you can enter to win a pair of tickets to this indie rock lover’s dream of a show!

P.S. If you miss out on the giveaway and end up buying your tickets, remember that snagging an advance ticket in-person at Strictly Discs gets you entered in to win autographed vinyl!   Similarly, if you have your eye on the album, every copy of Chelsea Light Moving purchased at Strictly Discs enters you to win tickets.

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An Unforgettable Birthday Thanks To Thurston Moore’s Chelsea Light Moving

Chelsea Light Moving

We can’t imagine what birthday wish this lucky fan could have possibly dreamed up after indie rock legend Thurston Moore brought his new outfit, Chelsea Light Moving, to his party!

Click here to watch video of the band kicking out a few tunes in a Massachusetts basement for a completely geeked out birthday boy and his closest buddies.  We’re beyond jealous!

It’s not quite a personal party headlined by an icon, the band will be in town to hit the stage at the High Noon Saloon on March 28.  It’ll be every bit as exciting, and we can promise there won’t be any trace of eau de mothballs in the air.

Get your tickets now!

Now Streaming: Chelsea Light Moving’s Debut

Chelsea Light Moving


Been wondering what Sonic Youth frontman Thurston Moore has been up to these days?  Well, he has a new band and a soon-to-be-released album, the self-titled Chelsea Light Moving, on the way, which the indie rock community has been buzzing about for quite some time now.

NPR recently made all of the album’s tracks available for your listening pleasure here.  Tell us what you think in the comments section below!

You can catch Chelsea Light Moving live in Madison at the High Noon Saloon on March 28.  Get tickets here.  

Just Announced Madison Concert + Win Tickets: Chelsea Light Moving, 3.28.13

Thursday, March 28, 2013


featuring Thurston Moore of Sonic Youth

Chelsea Light Moving

with Cave

High Noon Saloon – 8pm

$15 ADV $15 DOS – 18+


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