Merry Christmas From True Endeavors!

Christmas lights

All of us here at True Endeavors want to wish our readers a very merry Christmas! We hope you have a fantastic holiday and are able to spend it with those you love.  We know there are just as many Scrooges as Santas out there, but can we all agree that the holiday has inspired some pretty cool tunes?

Check out our Christmas playlist after the jump, and be sure to tell us about your personal faves in the comments section.

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Who Rhymes Vixen With Nixon? Must Be Dylan…

Merry Christmas from the True Endeavors Crew!

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Great Gifts For The Musically-Minded

With Thanksgiving’s glorious orgy of gluttony now behind us, all eyes are on the upcoming December holidays.  Along with those highly-anticipated celebrations comes the stress of finding the perfect gifts for those you care about.  The folks over at Pitchfork have tried to make it easy on you this year by compiling a list of the coolest presents  with Reviews so you can pick something up for even the pickiest music fans.  Not bad, eh?  (I’m salivating over the live Nirvana album and the quirky mugs…)  What stuff would you add to your dream wish list?