Cloud Cult’s Craig Minowa Chats With 77 Square


Cloud Cult

On the verge of releasing an acoustic live album later this spring, experimental indie outfit Cloud Cult are on the road doing what they do best.  Their current tour will include a stop at Madison’s Barrymore Theatre tomorrow evening (Saturday, March 1, tickets here), and we can’t wait to welcome them back!

77 Square‘s Jessie Opoien recently had the chance to talk to frontman Craig Minowa about the band’s message, their new Wisconsin roots, influences, and what it means to grow up right alongside your art.  Check out their conversation here as well as their mind-blowing set for KEXP last year below.   We’ll see you at the show!

Just Announced Madison Concert + Win Tickets Before You Can Buy: Cloud Cult, 3.1.14

Saturday, March 1, 2014

An Evening with


Cloud Cult

Two Sets: One Acoustic, One Electric

Barrymore Theatre 8:00pm

$20 General Admission – All Ages

Tickets on sale through our Music Calendar Friday, December 13, 2013 at 10am.

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Just Announced Madison Concerts: CLOUD CULT

Saturday, December 11


Cloud Cult
Majestic Theatre  – 9pm
$16 adv $18 dos – all ages

Tickets available on our Music Calendar this Wednesday (October 13th) at 10am.  Get yours early—Cloud Cult’s last Madison show sold out!


Cloud Cult Live Photos: Triumph Of Sound

This is the triumph side of the modern sound. This is the rock and the roll of what it feels like to be alive. Cloud Cult’s truthful, positive-realist approach is so…so freakin’ awesome!  There are more cool words to describe this but “the truth is always where you’re standing…”

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Cloud Cult: Weathering Life’s Storms Through Song

Cloud Cult

The French word for bread is le pain. I’m no linguist, but I imagine the etymology has nothing to do with the English word for pain. Still, it’s interesting to think of pain as something to be taken in, swallowed and digested, that it might even have salutary effects, like eating bread.

I’m hesitant about posing this query. I’m no masochist, and have long believed that pain is a warning sign of death, its evolutionary role to sound a clarion against ongoing harm. On the other hand, it’s obvious that many of the world’s religions teach us to accept, if not embrace, pain and suffering as a necessary and unavoidable part of life; that doing so puts us on the path towards wisdom and spiritual enlightenment. Seeking out pain is obviously not the answer, but neither is avoidance. Accepting, swallowing, chewing and digesting those morsels of le pain is apparently good for the soul.

Which brings me to Cloud Cult. This is a band principally known for its profound environmental ethics. Early in their career they refused a label deal because the band insisted that the packaging of their CDs be as benign as possible. Organic farming, solar energy, biodiesel-fueled touring — these are the hallmarks of Cloud Cult.

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