Tonight’s Set Details: Brandi Carlile 09.21.09

A “handful’ of tickets were available around noon, you can call the Barrymore for the most current status: 608 241-8864

Tonight’s Set: Throw Me The Statue & The Brunettes

Indie pop at it’s finest.

9:30 Nurses

10:30 The Brunettes

11:30 Throw Me The Statue

At the Annex.

Words & free songs at Daytrotter:

The Brunettes’…couldn’t be more clear in describing the attraction than they are in “Stereo (Mono Mono),” a song that lets the man/papa mono be the sound coming from the right ear and the woman be the sound coming from the left ear of a headphone. They’re coming from different places, they meet up in the middle and they sound best in tandem…read/listen more

Throw Me The Statue’s Scott Reitherman…sings in a manner that could itself light a table full of candles, the slowly spilling and rolling off the side of the molten wax, the effects of his carefully chosen words and the temperature of which his speaks….read/listen more

Just Announced: Ingrid Michaelson

Ingrid Michaelson Concert Barrymore Theater Madison WI

Ingrid Michaelson returns to Madison!

Saturday, October 24 Barrymore Theatre, tickets on sale here

Win Tickets to Ani, Indigo Girls, Dar Williams…

Heads up folk fans, this week our newsletter subscribers will receive the exclusive chance to win a pair of tickets to the Progressive Magazine’s Centennial Concert. Interested? Newsletter subscribers receive lots of benefits, sign up here!

Haven’t heard of the completely amazing Progressive Magazine benefit concert on April 30th at the Orpheum Theatre? Not only does the weekend conference highlight speakers such Robert Redford, Jesse Jackson, Amy Goodman, Howard Zinn, and more, but, this kickoff concert is a veritable dream-team of progressive artists. Folksy? Curious? You can learn more here or check out the Progressive’s web site.

We’re also holding a post-concert fund raising party with all our artists. This is a once in a life-time opportunity to meet these musicians while contributing to an important community cause, please spread the word and Auction to Meet the Artists or buy tix here!