Live Concert Review: Reptar Gets Nasty


“Now everyone hold hands and repeat after me,” commanded Reptar’s singer-guitarist Graham Ulicny.  “I.  Want.  To.  Get.  Nasty!”

Things inevitably did get “nasty” at Reptar’s Thursday night performance at The High Noon Saloon, though only in the best sense of the word. It’s not surprising for the Georgia-based Afro-pop group, whose website declares in its bio section that if the group had a collective superpower, it’d be “the knack for warming up every space they inhabit.”

Playing on a dark stage lit only by a pair of lamps and red and white fiber-optic cables snaked throughout their instruments, the reptilian foursome (aided by two accompanying musicians) were the embodiment of their own “dance ‘til you drop’ ethos, setting the tone for their small yet dedicated following. The crowd was a sea of movement during cuts from Reptar’s debut EP Oblangle Fizz Y’all, including favorites such as “Rainbounce” and “Phonetics.”  In the midst of the blinking lights, all that was missing was a drift of fog to transform the western themed club into a raver’s version of Disney World’s Enchanted Tiki Room.  And, well…talking animatronic birds…

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Concert Vids: Alejandro Escovedo Rocks The High Noon Saloon

Alejandro Escovedo

Monday night’s show with Alejandro Escovedo was one of my favorites of the year so far…maybe one of my favorites ever.  There were so many peak moments, and we’re glad to be able to share a few with you.

The first video is for “Sister Lost Soul” from Real Animal, Alejandro’s most recent release. Note Al dedicated the song to Alex Chilton and Stephen Bruton, both of whom died recently.  An elegiac ode to loss, the passing of loved ones, and wanting what you can’t have.  Such a plaintive, heartfelt vocal.

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Live Concert Review from The Daily Page: The Mountain Goats (11.6.09)

mountain goats

“It was the perfect night for Mountain Goats front man John Darnielle’s songs of sympathy for sinners. Darnielle looked crisp and casual in a burnt orange suit coat, jeans and leather moccasins. He’s always been a non-believer who’s very convincing. His renderings from the new, Bible based-release, The Life of the World to Come are particularly good vehicles for that sensibility and were sprinkled throughout the 18-song set,” says The Daily Page‘s Andy Moore.

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Live Review: Daniel Johnston 8-12-09

Daniel Johnston

“They went and called the movie ‘The Devil and Daniel Johnston.’  Now how am I ever going to be free?!”

Such were the thoughts of an artists whose demons are almost more famous than he is.  It’s not too wild to bet that Daniel Johnston’s image will never truly be liberated from the conflicted, eccentric man portrayed in the aforementioned award-winning documentary about his life.  Surely, many of the audience members at his Wednesday night concert were drawn there in anticipation of the “grand spectacle” of Daniel Johnston rather than the sole attraction to his music.

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