NPR Chats With Portland Indie Trio Quasi


“In rock ‘n’ roll terms, the band Quasi, from Portland, Ore., is a veteran act. Sam Coomes and Janet Weiss have just put out their eighth album, called American Gong, but when they started playing together 17 years ago, they had no idea the gig would last…”

Read the full NPR interview, stream a sampling of their album tracks, and download their SXSW performance here.

We’re proud to bring these indie rockers to Madison on April 16th.  They’ll be playing at The Annex with special guests Let’s Wrestle and Hemlines.  Get your tickets now!

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Free MP3 Download: Bowerbirds’ “Northern Lights”


“I don’t need from you a waterfall of careless praise/And I don’t need a trophy for all the games I played/But all I want is your eyes…”

This gorgeous, heartfelt song was one of my personal favorites from 2009, and it’s yours to download and enjoy free of charge.

If you’re jonesin’ to see these talented artists perform right here in Madison, you’re in luck!  The Bowerbirds will be at the High Noon Saloon on January 17th.  Tickets are available here.

Enjoy the song!

Bowerbirds – “Northern Lights”

More free Bowerbirds downloads can be found here.
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DJ/rupture On The Ethics Of Free Music

It’s always interesting to hear different perspectives on the evolution of music to its current state–especially when those perspectives are articulated by musicians themselves.  This recent essay by Jace Clayton (aka DJ/rupture) posted on NPR’s website is well-worth a read:

“…I grew up in the ’90s. Toward the end of that decade, I upgraded to a PC with a CD burner — amazing! But, as a DJ, I still coveted vinyl LPs, not because they sounded “warmer” or “better” to my ears, but because I could literally get hands-on with them and use the slabs of wax as raw material in a mix session. Pre-MP3 smorgasbord, I would haunt the record shops and tape the radio, getting cassettes via mail order. I learned obscure paths through music — pre-Google, pre-Blogosphere, before Ms. Internet and Mr. MP3 got married and made us all their children…”

Check out the full legth article here.

Can you relate?  What do you think about what DJ/rupture had to say?  Let’s start some discussion…post your comments below.

Free MP3 Download From The Mountain Goats: “Genesis 3:23”

the mountain goats

The Mountain Goats will be hitting Madison’s High Noon Saloon on November 6th (tickets here), and we’ve got a tasty, downloadable treat from the band’s album, The Life Of The World To Come,  to get you jazzed for their show.  Enjoy!

The Mountain Goats – “Genesis 3:23”

Lookin’ For Your Free MP3 Fix? Get It Here

White Rabbits

Need some new tuneage?  You’ve come to the right place.  Enjoy free (and completely legal) downloads from artists like Blind Pilot, Au Revoir Simone, White Rabbits and more.

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