New 2,000-Seat Entertainment Venue Coming To Madison In 2015!

Frank Productions

We have big news to share with our blog readers today on behalf of our partners at Frank Productions.  

The live music scene in Madison is about to get amped up with the addition of a new entertainment venue on the near-east side. Frank Productions has just announced plans to build a state-of-the-art music venue as part of the ongoing revitalization of the 1000 North Block of East Washington in the Capitol East District.

According to Fred Frank, Chief Operating Officer of Frank Productions, Inc., the venue currently does not have a name.  However, the brand will be “uniquely Madison.” “We intend to create a space that’s both easy and exciting for artists, as well as a venue that the Madison community can support and be proud of.  We want the venue to become a Madison destination. We’re thrilled to be part of the progressive plans in place for this area.”

“This concert venue could bring a great deal of dynamism and excitement to the area,” said Ledell Zellers, Alder, District 2. “I’m encouraged that a local, multi-generational family business is interested in making this large of an investment in the near-east side. As the proposal moves forward, I’ll make sure that neighbors are involved in the process​ and that issues, such as increased traffic, will be addressed.”

“Designing a space to spec allows us to put a lot of thought into how to make the experience memorable for patrons, artists and rental clients,” continued Frank. “We work in hundreds of venues around the country and we know what a space needs to make it successful.  Constructing our ideal facility is going to be a lot of fun.”

The venue will be built from the ground up and will have state-of-the-art facilities for patrons and entertainers.  The primary function of the space will be to host concerts and other live entertainment, but it will have the flexibility and equipment to host corporate and community events, and private parties.

The preliminary plans include a capacity of over 2,000, with a flexible wall system to reduce capacity for a more intimate experience. There will be a VIP lounge and seating area, expansive dressing room facilities, and offices for Frank Productions’ growing staff. The new facility will be 46,000 square feet, spread between the first floor and the balcony.

The project developer, Stone House Development, Inc., has plans to construct parking facilities on the same block to accommodate the venue and other commercial tenants.

Frank Productions expects the privately-funded project to begin construction in six months. More information will be released as the project moves forward.



Orpheum Theater To Reopen


As part of the foreclosure process initiated by Monona State Bank, the Dane County Circuit Court has appointed Attorney Rebecca DeMarb as Receiver for the Orpheum Theater.  The intent of this receivership is to protect and maintain the integrity of the Orpheum as a unique part of Madison’s cultural history and to secure the venue’s future as a viable business concern.  Attorney DeMarb has asked Frank Productions to assist her in reaching these goals.  As a result, Frank Productions has assumed management of events at the theater and entered into an arrangement with Austin, TX based C3 Presents to assist in facility operations and programming.

Frank Productions, founded by Herb and Sylvia Frank, has been promoting club, theater, arena, and stadium events since 1965.  Now managed by their sons, Larry and Fred, the company has a reputation for delivering diverse offerings to the Madison music community, including the annual Halloween event, “Freakfest,” Madison’s largest official party and music festival.   Throughout their history, Frank Productions has established a consistently solid working relationship with the City of Madison.  “Madison is our home and the Orpheum has always been one of the centerpieces of the entertainment community,” says Fred Frank, President of Frank Productions.   “The Orpheum is a very significant part of the State Street landscape and we look forward to restoring the historic theater back into a venue this city can be proud of.”

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Monday Concert Connection – Study Delay Ticket Giveaway

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