Now Streaming: Diamond Rings’ “Free Dimensional”

Diamond Rings

“If Robyn and Interpol had an intensely glam and stylish baby, this is the music he would make 20 years from now” – MTV Buzzworthy

How fun is this guy!?  The more buzz we hear about rising electro glam rocker John O’Regan, a.k.a. Diamond Rings, the more excited we are to get to check out his assuredly explosive live set this Sunday evening (October 28) at The Frequency.

Enjoy the blissfully fresh sound of Diamond Rings with a full stream of his new record, Free Dimensional here.   You’ll definitely want to check this out if you’re a fan of artists like David Bowie, Depeche Mode, Lady Gaga, EMA, PS I Love You, and Handsome Furs.

Click here to grab tickets to Diamond Rings’ Madison concert at The Frequency this Sunday night.