JBM Featured On Daytrotter

JBM (a.k.a. Jesse Marchant) recently recorded a haunting live session (creating sounds evocative of My Morning Jacket) for Daytrotter.  Check it out here.  If you like what you hear, you’ll be pleased to know that you can soon see him live in Madison!  He’ll be opening for Sondre Lerche at The Frequency on February 20th.  Tickets go on sale this Saturday, December 5th.  Please see our Music Calendar for details.

DJ/rupture On The Ethics Of Free Music

It’s always interesting to hear different perspectives on the evolution of music to its current state–especially when those perspectives are articulated by musicians themselves.  This recent essay by Jace Clayton (aka DJ/rupture) posted on NPR’s website is well-worth a read:

“…I grew up in the ’90s. Toward the end of that decade, I upgraded to a PC with a CD burner — amazing! But, as a DJ, I still coveted vinyl LPs, not because they sounded “warmer” or “better” to my ears, but because I could literally get hands-on with them and use the slabs of wax as raw material in a mix session. Pre-MP3 smorgasbord, I would haunt the record shops and tape the radio, getting cassettes via mail order. I learned obscure paths through music — pre-Google, pre-Blogosphere, before Ms. Internet and Mr. MP3 got married and made us all their children…”

Check out the full legth article here.

Can you relate?  What do you think about what DJ/rupture had to say?  Let’s start some discussion…post your comments below.

Tonight’s Concert (11.20.09): Free MP3s From Haley Bonar

“She wrote the most fetching, poetic and sophisticated songs of her career for Big Star, and her lamb-to-lion vocal talents rose to the occasion.” —Minneapolis Star-Tribune

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Artists You Should Know (ticket giveaway): Brother Ali

Brother Ali

“If rap didn’t exist, he’d be the greatest high school guidance counselor in Minneapolis. But as a talent in a scene that holds decades’ worth of some of the most sensitive identity politics of any popular culture movement in the last 50 years, Brother Ali has had to put that populism to good use.” —Pitchfork

We’re extremely excited to bring Brother Ali to town headlining the Fresh Air Tour next Thursday (Nov. 19th).  The mp3s we’ve offered here on the blog have been downloaded in a furious frenzy (get em here, and here), leading us to believe you’re just as amped to see this righteous, socially outspoken hip hop artist as we are.  Read on to find out more about Brother Ali and enter to win a pair of tickets to his show.

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White Rabbits On Daytrotter

White Rabbits

We’ve always got our eye (and ear?) on that fabulous Daytrotter site, because they’re constantly updating their cache of live sessions recorded by artists we love.  The latest True Endeavors artist to be featured?  White Rabbits!  Check ’em out and grab some free downloads.

Free MP3 Download From Brazos: “Day Glo”


This Austin-based trio will be opening things up at the highly anticipated White Denim show on November 5th.  Check out a free spaced-out folk tune from Brazos below, and grab your tickets to see them live here.

Brazos – “Day Glo”

David Bazan on Daytotter


Head on over to Daytrotter and download David Bazan’s recently released live session.  If you like what you hear, you can grab tickets to his Octber 27th Madison show with Say Hi here.