Superchunk Closes FRZN Fest TONIGHT!


OK Madison, let’s close out FRZN Fest in a big way.   Tonight is the final night of a very memorable run of performances including sets by Caroline Smith, Lizzo, San Fermin, Milagres, Communist Daughter, Fire Retarded, and Diarrhea Planet.   Bare Mutants and adored 90’s indie outfit Superchunk will wrap things up this evening and we want you there!  If you haven’t already picked up your tickets, grab them here.

To prove Superchunk sound just as fantastic now as they ever did, check out the band absolutely killing it with “Me, You, & Jackie Mittoo” at SPIN’s Year In Music event just a few short weeks ago.

Jonk Music Gives FRZN Fest Some Love



The first night of our third annual FRZN Fest at the High Noon Saloon was an absolute blast!  We’re looking forward to three more nights of performances by both old favorites and emerging stars alike, and so are the folks over at Jonk Music, who have been covering the fest with fantastic pieces on San Fermin, Lizzo (pictured), Diarrhea Planet, and Superchunk.

Head on over to our Music Calendar if you still need to pick up tickets for the remaining nights of FRZN Fest, or grab ’em at the door.  Can’t wait to see you there! 

Listen To Our FRZN Fest Playlist On Spotify

FRZN Fest 2014

Our third annual FRZN Fest is almost here!  Bands start hitting the stage tomorrow night, kicking off four days of exciting performances at the High Noon Saloon by both old favorites and rising stars.  (Click here for tickets!)

To get your eardrums seasoned for shows, take a listen to a selection of tunes by the artists in our lineup:

Now Streaming: Fire Retarded’s “Meat Stairs”

Fire Retarded

Our friends in Fire Retarded recently got some love from Impose who remarked that “Meat Stairs” (the first track from their upcoming Scroggz Manor album) “moves fast enough for you to lose track of your own heartbeat, and as the group pounds through a hypnotic refrain, a blistering solo is not far off, making the ultimate trio of heavy shit, sludgy shit, and take-no-prisoners vocal stylings move the track through to its crashing conclusion.”

Take a listen here, and catch the band live in Madison as part of our annual FRZN Fest on January 18.

Win A Pair Of 4 Day FRZN Fest Passes On Our Facebook Page

FRZN Fest 2014

Head on over to the True Endeavors Facebook Page today for a chance to win a pair of 4 day FRZN Fest passes (a $60 value)!  This is your big chance to see some of the “next big things” perform alongside your old favorites at the High Noon Saloon in just a few short weeks.

Click here to find out more about the festival, and pick up your tickets.

FRZN Fest 2014 Is Taking Shape

FRZN Fest 2014


This January the High Noon Saloon will once again play host to our third annual FRZN Fest, featuring some of the finest established bands playing right alongside all the exciting “just-about-to-blow-up up-and-comers.”  Got your tickets yet?  Here’s how the 4-day lineup is shaping up…


Thursday, January 16 @ 7pm

Caroline Smith, Bad Bad Hats, Traveling Suitcase, plus tba

$10 adv $12 dos

Ages 18+


Friday, January 17  @ 8pm

San Fermin, Communist Daughter, plus tba

$10 adv $12 dos

Ages 18+


Saturday, January 18 @ 8pm

Diarrhea Planet, Weekend, Nothing, plus tba

$10 adv, $12 dos

Ages 18+


Sunday, January 19 @ 8pm

Superchunk, plus tba

$20 adv $22 dos

Ages 18+



Live Concert Photos: FRZN Fest 2013 Featuring Kids These Days, Astronautalis, and Chance The Rapper


We showed you photographer Chris Lotten’s lovely shots of the first night of this year’s FRZN Fest, and now we have his photos from night three featuring Kids These Days, Astronautalis (pictured), and Chance The Rapper.

Special thanks to everyone who came out and participated in our P.O.S. fundraiser during the concert.  You all helped raise a great deal of money for a talented artist and dear friend dealing with a very serious health issue.  Thank you for your generosity.

And now, on to the photos…

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