Live Concert Photos: Liars @ High Noon Saloon (7.14.10)

The Liars live @ High Noon Saloon

Liars rocked the crowd at The High Noon Saloon HARD last week.  Take time to congratulate yourself for being there that night. You’re going to brag about this one to your grandkids while they ignore you for hover boards and time travel….

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Live Concert Photos: Thao & Mirah At High Noon Saloon (6.29.10)

Thao+Mirah=Candy @ The High Noon Saloon

Here we find ourselves on a Monday, without our usual weekly ticket giveaways to offer to ye faithful readers.  The reason?  No shows this week.  We’ll be taking a break from our busy summer concert schedule to recover from all the holiday weekend reverie. Don’t worry—we’ll return with a vengance next week.  Stay tuned!

But don’t go just yet—we aren’t going to leave you empty handed.   We have photos from the recent Thao and Mirah show to share with you, courtesy of Christian Hansen.  The two fiercely talented songstresses combined their forces for a collaborative set at The High Noon Saloon with backing band, The Most Of All.

From the moment they took the stage last Tuesday night, the two ladies were funny, sharp, and sweet as candy; radiating their happiness out into the crowd like warm summer sun.  The music wasn’t too shabby either, to put it mildly.  We hope to see them back in Madison soon!

Check out shots of Thao and Mirah (as well as openers These United States) below.

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Cloud Cult Live Photos: Triumph Of Sound

This is the triumph side of the modern sound. This is the rock and the roll of what it feels like to be alive. Cloud Cult’s truthful, positive-realist approach is so…so freakin’ awesome!  There are more cool words to describe this but “the truth is always where you’re standing…”

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Live Concert Photos: Har Mar Superstar

Har Mar Superstar Naked Power live @ The Annex

“This Har Mar guy is all about getting down. He’s about crashing the party all by himself, naked. Just try and hate on the half Jagermeister popstar, half male strip show…”  –Christian Hansen

If you weren’t at The Annex last Friday night, you missed quite a show, to say the least (unless of course, you were at The High Noon Saloon, where The Black Lips had an epic face melting party of their own). No, it wasn’t a dream.  We have proof.  Christian Hansen was there to shoot the dickens out of this sequined vision in gold, and his equally entertaining Madison-based openers, Shane Shane and Screamin’ Cyn Cyn and the Pons.

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Live Concert Photos: Scout Niblett, 03.20.10

So I set up, the crowd fills in, and the openers open (quite well, I might add). Scout steps up and right away, with the first number, she defines the entire show. Feel the reverb, the subtle passion of the verse, the noise-riot chorus as it hits those Nirvana bones deep. She’d obviously picked up a burnt piece of Kurdt on her way in. I felt very embarrassed as my shutter snapped a bit too loud during that first verse.  Sorry Scout, didn’t mean to break the spell.

Scout Niblett Portrait live @ The Frequency

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Gomez Photos: Live and Thriving

“Just in from Chicago (and the UK), Gomez brought them running from miles around.  Last Friday The Majestic jumped like it never jumped before with yet another sold out performance. If it hadn’t been for The Maj’s (can I call you Maj?) signature balconies, the dance floor would have busted wide open.  One patron remarked that he wished to buy said balcony.  I suggested a time share.  Thanks in large part to the kindness of  this man, you will be seeing the sights you are about to see.  Follow me…

Friday Night Gomez @ The Majestic

I should probably thank the band too. Thanx guys.

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Eyedea & Abilities Live Photos: Representation Of Reputation

Here’s the latest from photographer extraordinaire, Christian Hansen. Christian set up his snap shot shop at last Saturday’s Eyedea & Abilities show at the High Noon Saloon, and graciously uploaded the goods to share with our readers.  Enjoy!

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(c) Christian Hansen 2010

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