Live Concert Video: Megafaun & Sam Quinn @ High Noon 6/17/2010

Megafaun and Sam Quinn stopped by the High Noon Saloon the night of June 17th  to wow the crowd with their lush melodies and spot-on harmonies.  True Crew member Chris Lay was on hand to record a few videos to share with you.  Enjoy!

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Live Videos: Murder By Death @ High Noon Saloon 5.11.10

Last Tuesday proved to be an exciting evening for us here at True Endeavors as we hosted one of our favorite bands, Murder By Death.  Personally, Murder By Death has been a huge part of my life since the first time I saw them at Club Raven in the small town of Edgerton, WI back in the summer of 2003.  I bought Like The Exorcist But More Breakdancing (their only album at the time) that night and listened to it incessantly throughout the summer.

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Video From A.A. Bondy At The High Noon Saloon (2.1.10)

For the last ten odd years I’ve been seeing Bondy perform in some context or another.  In the early days his grunge-rock band Verbena often lent support for one of my favorite bands, Local H.  Verbena transitioned into a short stint as The Alabama Boys Choir before Scott Bondy branched off on his own solo project, A.A. Bondy.  Last night A.A. Bondy brought his folk-inspired songs to the High Noon, and the intimate performance was nothing short of awe-inspiring.

What did you think of the performance last night?

Check out the video of the encore performance of “Black Rain, Black Rain” below!

-Justin Kibbel

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Artist You Should Know: CunninLynguists

The CunninLynguists play the High Noon Saloon tomorrow night, December 4th, 2009!  The show starts at 10pm, don’t miss out! Tickets are still available at the High Noon Box Office (608-268-1122). Read on for more information and MP3 sample!

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Wednesday’s Week in Shows

Saturday, February 21


Bluegrass, Folk, Acoustic Blues
Similar to:
Daisy May, Seth Bernard, The Goondocks, Yo Mama’s Big Fat Booty, The Olympic Symphonium, The Nic Luca Trio

“Together, they achieve the seemingly impossible task of making the most traditional sounds contemporary playing what Performing Songwriter Magazine calls ‘some of the liveliest and most rocking acoustic roots music around.'”



Americana, Bluegrass, Vaudeville
Similar to:
Al Duvall, Hackensaw Boys, Split Lip Rayfield, The Meat Purveyors, Old Crow Medicine Show

“With an instrumentation of washboard/harmonica/kazoo, resonator guitar/banjo, upright bass and three harmony vocals, THE WIYOS’ live performance transports audiences back to an era before TV and mass-media were the main sources of entertainment.”

7:00 pm ( early show )

High Noon Saloon

$12 adv $14 dos – 21+

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Two Shows This Week On Us

This week we’ve got two unique artists to which our readers will get a chance to win tix. Whether you’ve never heard of these artists before or are die-hard fans this is your chance to check them out on us!



Thursday January 29


Genre: Folk

“Chris Pureka’s sophomore release, Dryland plays like the way she enters a room—with low, deliberate airs, quietly demanding respect. One stark, solo acoustic guitar builds into layered swan songs and raspy serenades that resonate with unassuming depth and candor.”

9pm Cafe Montmartre 608.255.5900 $10 adv &10 dos – 21+

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Chris is known for her sensual and emotionally evocative folk style, what other like-minded folk musicians do you wish would make a stop in Madison? Give us your top list by commenting on this blog and we’ll pick a winner at random tomorrow afternoon!


Friday, January 30


Genre: Indie Rock

“Elf Power’s tripped-out pop-smarts provide the contradictory musical notions that never allow the album to sway too far in one bleak direction or another: it’s the friction between Chesnutt’s shadowy worldview and the inventive bounce and bray of Elf Power’s joyful chemistry that buoys the album (Dark Developments), provides its freshness, and makes for highly rewarding repeated listens.”

Elf Power- All the World is Waiting

Vic Chesnut- Interview

9:30pm High Noon Saloon 608.268.1122 $10 adv – 18+

ticket button

-Elf Power will play before Vic and then join Vic on stage as his backing band-

Since Vic Chestnutt is an adopted darling of Michael Stipe, send us a link to the most interesting Michael Stipe video and tell us why you like it. We’ll pick our fave and announce the winner of two tickets tomorrow afternoon right here!

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Added Note: Just thought I’d post the video that Jason, our Elf Power/Vic Chestnutt winner linked to (REM- Radio Free Europe 1983). Letterman is actually looking at the vinyl cover to announce the band.

Will NOT Comply: Wilco guitarist Nels Cline sticks with non-commercial fare

I’ve been fortunate to be involved with every Wilco show since their first show in Madison at Club de Wash in November 1994. The band had just formed out of the acrimonious split that occurred between Uncle Tupelo frontmen Jeff Tweedy and Jay Farrar. I had a birds-eye view of the last throes of that collaboration at an Uncle Tupelo show I presented at the Barrymore in March 1994, one of the last shows the band did before breaking up.

Jay Farrar (vocalist, guitarist), Jeff Tweedy (bassist, guitarist, vocalist), Mike Heidorn (drums)

The original members of Uncle Tupelo sitting From left to right: Jay Farrar (vocalist, guitarist), Jeff Tweedy (bassist, guitarist, vocalist), Mike Heidorn (drums)

Jeff and Jay at that point were not talking to each other. The tension was palpable, with Jay walled off and aloofly cocooned, and Jeff noticeably upbeat — perhaps relieved the end was near. I remember that the Bottle Rockets opened the show, and vaguely recall Brian Henneman joining them onstage. That the line-up, apart from Jay, essentially became the band that only months later debuted as Wilco. (I also remember staying up all night at a hotel on E. Wash — the Aloha?–with Jeff and the guys, joined by Mark Spencer of Blood Oranges — who was touring with Freedy Johnston. The Bushmills did us in as we watched the 1967 Casino Royale spoof on late-night television — starring Peter Sellers, Woody Allen and Orson Welles — it was a hoot.)

A lot has happened to Wilco since, more than can be captured in a single paragraph. The Reprise to Nonesuch saga resulting in the ground-breaking Yankee Hotel Foxtrot — expertly captured in the great documentary I Am Trying To Break Your Heart, a Grammy nod for A Ghost is Born, and several line-up changes, including the addition of avante-garde jazz guitarist Nels Cline.

Jeff Tweedy & Wilco

Jeff Tweedy & Wilco

That Nels would join Wilco in 2004 was no real surprise Wilco fans, even those who preferred the early days of A.M. and Being There Cline is highly revered in No Wave and free jazz circles, an area of interest for Tweedy and Co. spurred by their collaboration with NYC producer/musician and Chicago transplant Jim O’Rourke. (O’Rourke and Tweedy had recorded a record together with drummer Glenn Kotche under the rubric Loose Fur, which led to Kotche joining Wilco in 2001.) Cline was also a member of The Geraldine Fibbers in the 1990s, a band that played the East End around 1997. I’m not sure, but they might have opened for indie supergroup Golden Smog, another one of Tweedy’s side projects.


Nels Cline Singers: Nels Cline (guitar) Devin Hoff (Bass) Scott Amendola (Drums)

Fans of Thurston Moore, Marc Ribot, Elliot Sharp, Albert Ayler, Ornette Coleman — you are strongly encouraged to check out Monday’s show with The Nels Cline Singers at High Noon on Monday, June 2. An instrumental trio, The Nels Cline Singers offer an evening of improvisational jazz that rarely comes to Madison, at least not since 1993-94, when John Zorn visited Madison twice in the span of six months.

Doors or this mind-blowing show open at 7pm, and Painted Saints (featuring Paul Fonfara — interviewed in this week’s Onion) kicks off the evening at 8pm. This is an 18+ show. Tickets are $16 adv and $18 dos, and are available HERE. See you there!

– Tag Evers