Let us introduce ourselves..

If you’re reading this blog you’re probably a music lover. So are we.

True Endeavors is an independent music promotion company based out of Madison WI. We have lived in this community for many years., and are dedicated to the idea that live music matters — perhaps now more than ever.

We are an independent promotion company. When you support locally-owned businesses, you are putting your money back in to the community and in to the hands of local entrepreneurs who are dedicated to the community. In fact, True Endeavors has done several benefits for various local non-profits over the years, and are looking forward to expanding our outreach efforts.

Independent music promoters are also important because they keep huge corporations from taking over the music scene. As an independent company, we are often willing to take risks for artists or music lovers that large corporations would stay away from. Our bottom line isn’t just based on profit, nor are we simply about exploiting the musical flavor of the month.

What is a promotion company? A promotion company is responsible for the negotiation of contracts with the agents of bands who are touring. We book the venue as well as promote and host the show. Often the artist’s agent contacts us, but..if fans express interest in certain artists we will research whether or not the band is on tour and if that tour can be routed through Madison.

That means we care about what people are listening to and we want your feedback! No, this does not necessarily mean we can get your favorite band to town, but it does mean we’ll look in to it. We’d love to hear back from music fans- please post your questions, comments, and requests on this blog!