Sky Ferreira’s Debut Receives Ample Praise

Sky Ferriera

We were disappointed to hear that Sky Ferriera‘s November 22 show at the High Noon Saloon with Smith Westerns was canceled due to a scheduling concern, but that of course hasn’t stopped us from falling in love with her sound.  The 21 year old artist who has been compared to the likes of Lorde, Marina & The Diamonds, Natalia Kills, and Charli XCX  just released her debut album, Night Time, My Time to rave reviews.   Here are just a few of the glowing words of praise:

Night Time, My Time is bracing, aggressive and surprisingly tender.” – The New York Times

Night Time, My Time isn’t the reactionarily somber anti-pop drag it could have been–instead, it’s a smart Kelly Kapowski hair-whip and loud bubblegum-crack of a record that lends itself to compulsive listening.” – Pitchfork

Night Time, My Time might just be the sort of gaunt, darkly painted neurosis needed to combat popular music’s deluge of silly and crude self-affirmations.”  – Slant

“Ferreira’s artfully trashy synthpop is a little bit Ladytron austerity, a greater bit Blondie ferocity, and her songcraft is, well, rather astonishing.” – Filter

Ferreira’s album was also recently awarded Album of the Week status over at Stereogum.  Excuse the awful pun, but it would seem as though the sky is the limit for this young performer.   We hope to see her in Madison soon! 

Misty From Now On: Father John Talks To 77 Square



One of our favorite new(ish) artists is headed to Madison for a show at the High Noon Saloon.  This Sunday, Father John Misty will return to that famous stage for a solo show performing selections from last year’s runaway success, Fear Fun, as well as experimenting with new material.

Misty recently chatted with 77 Square‘s Jessie Opoien about identity, creativity, and writing from the heart.  Check out their conversation here, and pick up tickets to the show while you still can!

Jonk Music Chats With Tame Impala: In Madison TONIGHT

Tame Impala


Our friends at Jonk Music recently posted this Q&A interview with Kevin Parker of psychedelic indie outfit Tame Impala.

The band will be in town tonight (Wednesday, October 9) for a show at The Orpheum.  (Tickets are still available here and at the door.)  We can’t wait to hear their massive tunes like “Elephant” fill up the hall with glorious noise.

The Eternal Optimist: An Interview With DJ Abilities

DJ Abilities

I like to think of hip hop in religious terms–how the ancient Greeks might have viewed it–with each of its pillars having their own deity and accompanying throng. A god for the B-Boys with a pair of heavenly Air Force Ones.  A god for the Graffitos, yawning aerosol at the cathedral walls. If in the beginning of turntablism there was the record, DJ Kool Herc reached from the Bronx’s Sistine and found its break. Our Fathers Grandmaster Flash and Grand Wizzard Theodore followed by moving mountains with the scratch. Of those left we have our patron saints, the true of heart who carry tradition and strive for perfection through our modern desert of indifference.

When I refer to Gregory Keltgen AKA DJ Abilities as a patron saint of turntablism, he laughs in his infectious, good-humored way. “It’s not something I think about,” says the Minnesota-born DJ, whose mythic ability to speak through turntables has earned him accolades and the respect of his peers since the age of 17. Known primarily as the production half of Eyedea and Abilities, one of underground hip hop’s most dynamic acts, he along with childhood friend and partner Michael Larsen produced some of the genre’s most endearing and creative classics.

Completing their raw, philosophical debut First Born in their early 20’s for Rhymesayers Entertainment, the duo’s skills and confidence went supernova on 2003’s follow-up E&A, where the classic interaction between MC and DJ took on a modern and bullying sense of flare that gave unquestionable credence to the album’s boasts of being the “Kingpin bigshots of this underground shit.” Steering into more experimental terrain with 2009’s By The Throat, tragedy befell the group and the entire hip hop community shortly after the album’s release when Larsen died in his sleep of an accidental drug overdose. Since then, Abilities has had a lot more to think about then his place in hip hop’s mythology–mourning the death of a friend, taking on the responsibility of fatherhood, and learning to make music and tour solo for the very first time.

Catching him by phone one afternoon while preparing for his upcoming tour with rapper/producers Jel, Sole, and Serengeti (coming to the High Noon Saloon on Friday, September 20), I was surprised to find a vinyl idol in repose, speaking at length without his hands.

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On An On’s Nate Eiesland Sounds Off With Jonk Music (In Madison TONIGHT!)

On An On


One of our favorite new(er) indie bands on the scene is On An On, whose dream pop sounds are anything but snooze-worthy.  Their debut album, Give In, has been described as “intriguing, ethereal swatches of sounds, mixing retro-sounding harmonies, shimmering synth, and buzzy guitar,” as well as a “haunting yet beautifully bare album…a textural journey over new terrain.”

If you’re not yet sold, take a listen to the whole glorious kit-n-caboodle here, and read a fun, quick Q & A with frontman Nate Eiesland courtesy of Jonk Music here.

The band will be in Madison for a show at the RSR Bar tonight (Thursday, April 25).  Tickets are still available here and at the door.  Don’t miss it! 

Josh Ritter Visits WPR For A Chat About Love And Music

Josh Ritter


Josh Ritter‘s Capitol Theater show is coming up fast!  There’s still time to buy tickets to his April 24 performance featuring Sea Wolf, and grab that free album download—such a great deal!

If you didn’t catch Josh when he was live on WPR last week, you can have a listen to his intriguing streaming interview with 45 North’s Anne Strainchamps here.   The guy has some fantastic perspective—no wonder he can write the way that he does!

Hope to see you all at the show.

Jonk Music Chats With Garbage’s Steve Marker

Garbage (1.28.13)


As Madison gears up for Garbage‘s Sunday night show at the Orpheum, Jonk Music‘s Erica Matlin got the opportunity to talk to guitarist Steve Marker about his old Madison haunts, Smart Studios, and the band’s latest album, Not Your Kind of People.

Read Erica’s interview here, and be sure to grab your tickets to the show before they’re all gone.  Trust us, this one’s going to be big!