Lady GaGa Goes Country With The Morning Pages

Love her or hate her, you’d be a fool to ignore the star power of that delightfully eccentric, seemingly unstoppable pop machine that is Lady GaGa.  When she’s not busy writing songs, designing stage outfits, landing on the cover of a magazine, or listening to her legions of “little monsters” screaming her name, she’s getting her mega hits covered by anyone and everyone.

We couldn’t help but share this one from Brooklyn’s alt-country troupe, The Morning Pages.  Singer Grant Maxwell says, “A great song is a great song and indie music doesn’t have to be all dissonant and obscure and depressing all the time and on the other hand pop music could stand to sound a lot more organic and musical. My thought was that maybe we could combine the depth of roots music with the visceral enjoyment and popular appeal of mainstream music and get the next revolution started….also, I just couldn’t get that song out of my head!”


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A Tag Along Concert Review: Lollapalooza 2010

We first introduced our Tag Along Concert Review series back in May, when True Endeavors founder and owner Tag  Evers hit the road with True Crew member Robin Anderson to catch Quasi at The Windy City’s Lincoln Hall.  Chicago is the destination of our second installment as well, where the boss man braved the festival beast of Lollapalooza on Friday, August 6th with True Endeavors’ Newsletter wizard, Justin Kibbel.  Read on for their impressions.

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Welcome To The Rumor Mill

Abbey Road

In the world of pop music, anything goes.  Whether it’s true or not, musical celebrities are often the subjects of some pretty incredible stories.  Read on to revisit a few of music’s most notorious rumors, and find out how you could win tickets to an upcoming True Endeavors concert of your choice!

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