Liars “Rush” Into The Current’s Studio


Brooklyn’s Liars recently channeled the sombre sounds of The National with an 80’s synth-driven twist during their in-studio performance of “No.1 Against The Rush” for Minnesota Public Radio’s The Current.   The song’s home is on the band’s sixth studio album, WIXIW, which Drowned In Sound calls “a refreshing, sublime, and exciting work of art.”

Watch the band’s performance here, and be sure to let us know what you think of their new work in the comments section below.


Related Content:  Soundcheck Sessions: Liars @ High Noon Saloon (7.14.10)

Soundcheck Sessions: Liars @ High Noon Saloon (7.14.10)

Big thanks to Ryan Heraly for shooting this fantastic footage of Liars soundchecking prior to their show at the High Noon Saloon earlier this month.  Be sure to check out photos from the show here.

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Live Concert Photos: Liars @ High Noon Saloon (7.14.10)

The Liars live @ High Noon Saloon

Liars rocked the crowd at The High Noon Saloon HARD last week.  Take time to congratulate yourself for being there that night. You’re going to brag about this one to your grandkids while they ignore you for hover boards and time travel….

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Artists You Should Know: Liars


Don’t even pretend like you haven’t been dying to see this band.  Even if you haven’t heard of Liars before, trust us, this show is what you’ve been waiting for.  After slaving away, working for the man on these beautiful summer days, couldn’t we all use a little ruthless nighttime post-punk exorcism?  It’s going to be loud, it’s going to be sweaty, and it’s going to absofuckinglutely rock.

If you like No Age, Deerhunter, Xiu Xiu, Lightning Bolt, Titus Andronicus, or Japandroids,  you need Liars in your life.   Read on to find out more about the band and grab your tickets to see them live in Madison at the High Noon Saloon tomorrow night, July 14th.

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Madison Week In Music + Ticket Giveaways (7.14-7.20): Liars, Todd Snider, Anne Heaton, Rose Polenzani & Meg Hutchinson, Southern Culture On The Skids, and Bear In Heaven


Monday ticket giveaways are back!  After having a few slower weeks, the shows are really going to start picking up again.  Naturally, we’re looking forward to all the great artists who will be paying Madison a visit in the coming days, and the wide variety of sounds they will bring along with them.  From post punk nihilism, to gentle acoustic storytelling, to psychobilly freak-outs, we’ve got your musical flavors covered this week.  Read on to find out about upcoming shows from Liars, Todd Snider, Anne Heaton, Rose Polenzani &amp; Meg Hutchinson, Southern Culture On The Skids, and Bear In Heaven and how you could win a pair of tickets see some of them live!

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