The Thermals Announce New Album Release Date

Earlier this year, the Thermals put out one hell of a record and gave Madison one hell of a show!  (Check out our interview with bassist Kathy Foster.)   Well, the hard-working punk rockers aren’t slowing down–they’ve just announced that their next album is set for release in September of next year.  Keep those fingers crossed for a tour that leads ’em back to town!

Artists You Should Know (ticket giveaway): Brother Ali

Brother Ali

“If rap didn’t exist, he’d be the greatest high school guidance counselor in Minneapolis. But as a talent in a scene that holds decades’ worth of some of the most sensitive identity politics of any popular culture movement in the last 50 years, Brother Ali has had to put that populism to good use.” —Pitchfork

We’re extremely excited to bring Brother Ali to town headlining the Fresh Air Tour next Thursday (Nov. 19th).  The mp3s we’ve offered here on the blog have been downloaded in a furious frenzy (get em here, and here), leading us to believe you’re just as amped to see this righteous, socially outspoken hip hop artist as we are.  Read on to find out more about Brother Ali and enter to win a pair of tickets to his show.

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Psst! Special Mason Jennings Giveaway Coming Up In The Newsletter

Mason Jennings

All you True Endeavors Newsletter subscribers should keep an eye on your inbox because the next mailing will be sent out very soon, featuring an exciting new ticket giveaway for Mason Jennings’ upcoming full band show on November 21st.

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Tickets Going Fast!


“Much like Ryan Adams before the speedballs dulled his fangs, The Avett Brothers are experts in mining the heart and soul of the modern American man. Love is an obvious theme, but so is finding freedom and maturity. Their lyrics are tough yet vulnerable, insightful yet homespun, manly yet emotional. The kind of thing that makes the girls giddy and the boys envious.” —Paste Magazine

The Avett Brothers’ show on October 21st may soon go the way of Ingrid Michaelson’s and Wilco’s—that is to say SOLD OUT!  Tickets are still available but going fast.  Buy yours now, before it’s too late.

Artists You Should Know (plus ticket giveaway!): Meat Puppets

Meat Puppets

One of the most influential acts of the grunge era is heading to Madison!  An inspiration to major players such as Nirvana, Soundgarden and Dinosaur Jr., Arizona’s Meat Puppets have a legacy that most bands can only dream of.  They’re set to rock our humble Midwestern city this Friday (May 29th) at the Annex, and you NEED to be there!  Don’t have your tickets yet?  We’re here to help!  Read on to find out how you could win a pair of spots on the True Endeavors guest list and witness the band’s unforgettable marriage of alterna-punk, acid psychedelia and thrash.

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