It Was A Very Good Year: Mad City Music Looks Back On 2012

Mad City

All of us here at True Endeavors have been busy compiling our own end of year lists, but wanted to share some already completed retrospectives from our friends.  First up, we have the picks from the staffers at one of our favorite local record shops, MadCity Music Exchange

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It Was A Very Good Year: Mad City Music Exchange’s Favorite Albums of 2010

Mad City Music X

The always awesome folks over at Mad City Music Exchange have decided to share some of their favorite albums of 2010 with us.¬† These guys and gals have access to quite the collection of tunes to say the least, so it’s pretty cool to see which new releases stood out in the crowd for them.

Check out their faves below, and stay tuned as we’ll be posting more “best of 2010” lists from local musicians, venue owners, concert photographers, and our own True Crew as the year draws to a close.

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Best Buy = Indie Fail

Indie Music Greed

I don’t often use the blog to rant about the injustices in the music world, but this piece of news struck me as completely ludicrous:

Recent visitors to the official Best Buy site may have noticed a link targeted to unsigned artists, informing them that they have an opportunity to have their album stocked by local stores, if they’re willing to pay–-ahem$250 to get things rolling.

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