Madison Concert Ticket Giveaway + Free MP3 Download: GOGOL BORDELLO

Gogol Bordello

OK, we’ve been teasing you about this ticket giveaway for way too long—now it’s time to spill the beans and let the fun begin!

As you probably know by now, the greatest gypsy punk outfit in the world, Gogol Bordello, will be in Madison on Halloween night to throw one hell of a wild party.  Trick or treating ain’t got nothin’ on this.

We want to be able to share this evening with you, our faithful blog readers, which is why we’re giving you the chance to win a pair of tickets to the show.  But this isn’t just any show, so we couldn’t just hold any old ticket contest.  Read on to see what we mean, and grab a free mp3 download from the band!

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Madison Concert Ticket Giveaway + MP3 Download: RAILROAD EARTH

Railroad Earth

Madison sure does love its bluegrass!  Railroad Earth has played in our fair city many times over the years, and each visit has left hoards of newly converted fans in their wake.  If you’ve never taken the chance to experience the toe tappin’, boot stompin’, quick pickin’ good time of a jamgrass Railroad Earth show, we suggest you get yourself down to the Barrymore this Thursday (September 16th) where they’ll be performing with the mesmerizing afrobeat-inspired sounds of Toubab Krewe.  Read on to grab a bunch of free downloads from the band and find out how you could win a pair of tickets to the show!  These guys are just too much fun to miss.

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Lady GaGa Goes Country With The Morning Pages

Love her or hate her, you’d be a fool to ignore the star power of that delightfully eccentric, seemingly unstoppable pop machine that is Lady GaGa.  When she’s not busy writing songs, designing stage outfits, landing on the cover of a magazine, or listening to her legions of “little monsters” screaming her name, she’s getting her mega hits covered by anyone and everyone.

We couldn’t help but share this one from Brooklyn’s alt-country troupe, The Morning Pages.  Singer Grant Maxwell says, “A great song is a great song and indie music doesn’t have to be all dissonant and obscure and depressing all the time and on the other hand pop music could stand to sound a lot more organic and musical. My thought was that maybe we could combine the depth of roots music with the visceral enjoyment and popular appeal of mainstream music and get the next revolution started….also, I just couldn’t get that song out of my head!”


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Free MP3 Download From Menomena + Full Album Stream


This Portland-based indie threesome will release their fourth studio album, Mines, next Tuesday (July 27th).  If you just can’t wait that long to feast your ears on the springy, jubilant noise of Menomena, then hop on over to NPR where all album tracks are currently being streamed.  Want one for your very own?  We’ve got a free mp3 download of “TAOS” right here:

Menomena – “TAOS”

And don’t forget!  These guys will be in Madison on September 24th at The High Noon Saloon. If you liked the recent show from Bear In Heaven, or bands like Wolf Parade, Broken Social Scene, TV On The Radio, Spoon, or Sunset Rubdown, you won’t be sorry you came.  Get your tickets here.

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Free MP3 Downloads From Bear In Heaven

Bear In Heaven

“Bear in Heaven’s greatest trick is creating music that evokes the sort of physicality and scope that could soundtrack a Hollywood film, but also works equally well at stirring up intimate bodily passion” – Pitchfork

If you’re a fan of forward-thinking experimental indie outfits like Yeasayer, Caribou, Cymbals Eat Guitars, Holy Fuck, Deerhunter, Atlas Sound, Menomena (in Madison September 24—tickets here), or Liars (in Madison July 14th–tickets here), then you’ll definitely want to check out these free mp3 downloads from Bear In Heaven.

Bear In Heaven – “Wholehearted Mess”

Bear in Heaven – “Lovesick Teenagers”

Bear in Heaven – “Ultimate Satisfaction” (The Field remix)

If you dig what you hear, you’ll be happy to know that these synth-friendly sonic sculptors will be make a stop in Madison at The High Noon Saloon on July 19th.  They’ll share the stage with Twin Sister and Mountain Man.  Get your tickets here.

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