Happy New Year! What’s Next?

New Years

Welcome to 2013, everyone!  We  want to know what you’re excited about in the new year.  What upcoming albums and shows have you pumped?  Who would you like to see come to town?  How do you think we could help make your concert experiences better this year?

We want to hear your thoughts!  Please leave us a comment below.

There will be more show announcements coming soon, but click here to see what we have planned for 2013’s concert calendar so far.  

What Are Your Favorites Of 2012?

High Fidelity

It’s that time of year again.  Music obsessives all over the world are starting to think about the artists, albums, songs, and concerts that really made 2012 special.  While all of us here are True Endeavors are feverishly compiling our year end “best of” lists, we are also naturally curious about what our readers might choose for theirs.

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