Album Review: “Personal Life” by The Thermals

The Thermals Personal Life

In 2006, The Thermals became everyone’s favorite powerpunk band with their blistering masterpiece The Body, The Blood, The Machine.  It only seemed like the next logical step after the exciting lo-fi of  More Parts Per Million, and the revved-up angst of  Fuckin’ A.

However, it’s the aftermath of The Body, The Blood, The Machine that’s a little more interesting. What do you do after you release a universally acclaimed masterpiece that catapults you from cult status to indie darling? Do you fold under pressure, try to expand upon your success with a recreation, or roll the dice and try to subtly evolve from that point? The Thermals chose the latter of the three, following that up with 2009’s powerpop gem Now We Can See which saw the band toning down their anger, expanding their songs (in both structure and length) and getting really poppy—which brings us to Personal Life, released last month.

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Listen To New Albums From The Thermals and The Walkmen

The Thermals

Have we mentioned lately how much we adore NPR?  Those cool cats are currently streaming the newest releases from The Thermals (Personal Life) and The Walkmen (Lisbon) in their entirety.  We recommend brushing up on the new tunes now, and not just because they rule, but also because we want you to sing the hell out of them with the bands when they hit Madison later this fall.

See The Thermals live @ The Annex on October 2 (get tickets here) and The Walkmen @ The Barrymore on Ocotber 14 (get tickets here).