Live Music Photo Tuesdays – Meat Puppets

w 4859b The Meat Puppets brought their influential grunge sound to The Annex Friday night featuring tunes from “Sewn Together”, their new CD released May 12th.   Once the doors cracked open the venue quickly filled to a near capacity crowd.

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Live Music Photo Tuesdays – All That Remains

w 4447b

Good News: There was a 3-foot pit, the space between the stage and the barricade, for the “bouncers” and the media, which includes photographers like me.  Bad News: When All That Remains (ATR) came on stage, the pit got smaller and smaller as the barricade got pushed closer and closer to the stage.  Saying ATR amped up the crowd would be an understatement.  Early on, vocalist Phil Labonte sounded a little disappointed as he did not see a mosh pit being generated Friday night at The Annex.  To the crowds’ defense, it was jam packed.  I mean if the person next to you decided to sway, you swayed too, regardless if you wanted to or not.  It was TIGHT!!!  Pun Intended. 

Luna Mortis opened the night up with songs from their newly released album, The Absence.  Based in Madison, the band was formed in 2001 in Monroe and went by the name The Ottoman Empire.  They later changed their name in 2008 to Luna Mortis.

Dirge Within followed.  Before the set, vocalist Jeremy “Jerms” Genske warned me that he likes to jump back and forth from the stage to the barricade.  I now see why.  The crowd loved the up-close and personal touch.  Rumor has it that a day before the show on May 14th, Dirge Within inked a deal with E1 Music (formerly Koch Records).  If it is true, congrats! 

Another great show.  Thanks for looking.

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Live Music Photo Tuesdays – Bryan Adams & Del The Funky Homosapien

w BAdams Del Blog Photo 3

On Friday night, Bryan Adams played to a standing ovation and two encores in the intimate setting of the Capital TheaterBryan, his acoustic guitar, Gary, a grand piano, and candle lit colored lights were the only items on the bare stage.  Bryan did not need much more because from the minute he stepped into the spotlight, the audience was captivated.  Early on, he even commented on how quiet the crowd was.  Thinking back, my quiet was a combination of feeling pretty special to be a part of this sort of “intimate living room” experience, disbelief that I was listening to a unique acoustic performance, and reminiscing as he sang hit after hit, word after word.  The crowd quickly shook off their star struck trance as Bryan found them singing along and screaming requests by concerts end.

On Saturday night, a genre about face took place as I entered the High Noon Saloon ready to witness Del The Funky Homosapien on his Funk Man Tour.  Performances by A.N.T., Serendipity Project, Bukue (Buku) One, along with Del, A-Plus, and DJ Zach Hendrix did not disappoint the packed house.   An interesting tidbit from the night was Del’s announcement that he is releasing his new album “Funk Man (The Stimulus Package)“, which released in April, as a FREE download.  You can get at kept it real in saying that he felt more people might listen to it if he gave it to them for FREE with no strings attached!   

What a great weekend of diverse music.  Hope you enjoy the photos.  Thanks for looking.

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Live Music Photo Tuesdays – Jason Mraz / Plain White T’s

Jason Mraz Let me catch my breath. . .THAT. . .WAS. . .AN AMAZING SHOW!

Anya Marina started the night out.  For the common folk like me, you may have heard her song Miss Halfway on Grey’s Anatomy, which is featured on the soundtrack volume two.  Next up were the Plain White T’s.  They performed songs from their new CD “Big Bad World” along with Hey There Delilah.  I must say, Tom Higgenson brings the energy like nobody’s business.  I still can’t believe we were fortunate enough to have the Plain White T’s and Jason Mraz in the same concert.

Then the main event. . .Jason Mraz. . .Okay, I have my thesaurus out trying to think of sophisticated words to describe him, but the only three words that keep running through my mind is “One Cool Cat”.  That dude can groove!  He just oozes with charisma.  Very entertaining.  Having been born and raised in Hawaii, Jason’s music makes me feel like I am back on the beach sipping a cold one enjoying the tropical sunset without a care in the world.  I could continue on with stuff you can read on Wikipedia, but I will let the pictures describe the night.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed the concert.  Thanks for looking.

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Live Music Photo Tuesdays – Flight of the Conchords

Flight of the Conchords’ Rhymenoceros (Bret McKenzie) & Hiphopopotamus (Jemaine Clement) brought their music and comedy act to the Overture Center Sunday night. Fans were eagerly awaiting the show that sold out in roughly 30 minutes, and Bret and Jemaine did not disappoint. The songs come straight from their hit HBO show (Flight of the Conchords) and were very funny, but the duo’s ad-libbing between songs and interaction with the audience was probably my favorite part of the show. While people were shouting out requests during one of the several band/audience interactions, a rowdy fan made the ubiquitous request for “Freebird!!” and Bret and Jemaine paused for only a second before they broke into a hilarious version of the classic Lynyrd Skynyrd song.  
Here are some shots from the show (click the link below to see all the photos)…



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Live Music Photo Tuesday – Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit

Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit put on a great show at the High Noon Saloon Thursday night. The singer/songwriter/guitarist featured his second solo album that released in February. Before going off on his own, Jason was a member of the Drive-By Truckers. Justin Townes Earle, son of musician Steve Earle, opened for Jason. Here are some photos from the show…


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Photos from The Cabinet of Wonders

Wes and Eugene’s Cabinet of Wonders came to town Saturday night, providing both music and laughter to those in attendance at the High Noon Saloon. Musician John Wesley Harding and comedian Eugene Mirman headlined and hosted the evening’s festivities. The “cast of thousands” included Victor DeLorenzo (of the Violent Femmes) and his band Prestige Atlantic Impulse, Chicago comedian Mark Bazer, and The Zombeatles…an undead version of Madison’s own Gomers. Here are some photos from the revelry:


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