Live Music Photo Tuesdays – Jason Mraz / Plain White T’s

Jason Mraz Let me catch my breath. . .THAT. . .WAS. . .AN AMAZING SHOW!

Anya Marina started the night out.  For the common folk like me, you may have heard her song Miss Halfway on Grey’s Anatomy, which is featured on the soundtrack volume two.  Next up were the Plain White T’s.  They performed songs from their new CD “Big Bad World” along with Hey There Delilah.  I must say, Tom Higgenson brings the energy like nobody’s business.  I still can’t believe we were fortunate enough to have the Plain White T’s and Jason Mraz in the same concert.

Then the main event. . .Jason Mraz. . .Okay, I have my thesaurus out trying to think of sophisticated words to describe him, but the only three words that keep running through my mind is “One Cool Cat”.  That dude can groove!  He just oozes with charisma.  Very entertaining.  Having been born and raised in Hawaii, Jason’s music makes me feel like I am back on the beach sipping a cold one enjoying the tropical sunset without a care in the world.  I could continue on with stuff you can read on Wikipedia, but I will let the pictures describe the night.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed the concert.  Thanks for looking.

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Monday Concert Connection – Haiku Master Showdown For Free Tix

Words are great. Especially when coupled with sounds, as you all know, to make music. April is national poetry month and as its end draws near, we here at TE would like to give you an opportunity to use your words. Read more to find out how you can collect a pair of tickets by having fun!

Scroll down for chances to WIN A PAIR OF TICKETS and express your inner poet with Peanut Butter Wolf and others, Robbie Fulks, Pert’ Near Sandstone, and Dan Deacon! Any ticket contest answers in a 5-7-5 haiku format will receive extra points.

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