Live Concert Review: Father John Misty At High Noon Saloon

Father John Misty

Early this year I saw Father John Misty open for the Walkmen at the Capitol Theater. At the time I was unfamiliar with Joshua Tillman and unaware of his connection to Fleet Foxes. Tillman poured his energy into the crowd, taking advantage of a full backing band to expend his energy on singing and engaging the audience. The most surprising thing to come from that show was not the performance itself but how quickly the crowd, mostly hipster twenty-somethings, dispersed at the end of his set and did not return. This kind of loyalty and dedicated following led to a packed house at High Noon Saloon on Sunday.

In an unusual move, comedian Kate Berlant opened the evening. Her delivery was reminiscent of Sarah Silverman but sillier and much milder in tone and choice of subject. Despite a slow beginning she gained momentum and finished strong with a series of improvs based on pictures projected on the back of the stage.

Tillman took the stage alone but he didn’t need any support in capturing the audience. His voice was big and strong, his playing confident and joyful. Between songs he chatted and joked and made the audience fall in love with him. After singing “Nancy From Now On” he talked about watching YouTube covers of the song and how no one ever got the first line right. He demonstrated, using a voice that channelled Eddie Vedder — “Once you crack that Eddie Vedder door it’s hard to shut,” he said before slipping a growled “gurl” in the next song.

Hearing lyrics can often be difficult at live shows but Tillman’s voice rang clearly through the building. His carefully crafted words were delivered with a self-depreciating posture, all the while entertaining and enjoyable. The sound quality at High Noon is worth mentioning here — no matter if it’s a local favorite, a touring Midwestern band, or a larger national act, it always sounds good at High Noon.

At the end of his set, Tillman left the stage only to return moments later, poking fun at the elaborate game of encore at some shows. He and his guitar were all the audience wanted, and he delivered.

—Ashlie Crooks

Thee Oh Sees’ “Floating Coffin” Floats To The Top Of The Charts

Thee Oh Sees Floating Coffins


Our friends in Thee Oh Sees are surely celebrating the rave reviews they’ve received for their latest LP, Floating Coffin.   If it wasn’t enough that the album sat atop the CMJ charts for two weeks, they’ve also been given some pretty lovely accolades from the press:

Floating Coffin is another resounding success…an album stuffed with great melodies, smooth transitions, shredding guitar solos, and stellar percussion work.” – Pitchfork

“Free-flowing and cataclysmic.” – Impose Magazine

“Some tunes race down psychedelic superhighways, while others come throbbing like jock jams from some alien stadium. At this point, calling it ‘garage rock’ feels like a disservice.” – Washington Post

Floating Coffin demonstrates the group at their most refreshed, inspired and accomplished.” – Exclaim

Enjoy the band’s video for “Toe Cutter – Thumb Buster” as you get your own Saturday celebrations underway—just try not to get into quite this much trouble.

Live Videos: Atmosphere – The Orpheum – 9/8/2010

Everyday can’t be the best day.  Do what you can right now, don’t hesitate.

These were words to live by if you were an Atmosphere fan in Madison on Wednesday night.  Slug and company kicked off the first show of our massive fall line-up with a bang, never letting the energy of the sold-out crowd drop below epic proportions.  If you were like us, you were probably left dazed, confused, and wondering at the end of the night if this possibly was the best day?

Relive the chaos that Atmosphere brought to The Orpheum through these live videos, and be sure to leave us a comment on your experiences of the night!

More videos after the jump…

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Tonight’s Can’t Miss Show: The Clientele at The High Noon Saloon 3.16.10

The Clientele

“For those who cherished the late, great Go-Betweens, Galaxie 500 and The Zombies, take heart—here is your new favorite album, filled to bursting with shivering tremolo guitars, surrealist poetry and the sort of melodies that made the kids’ knees buckle whenever ‘Time of the Season’ graced the airwaves.”  —Paste magazine

Last fall, this English foursome released their fifth album:  the critically adored collection of eerie psychedelic pop” Bonfires On The Hearth. American audiences have been salivating for a taste of The Clientele’s sprawling soundscapes in a live setting ever since, and we’re so excited that they’re finally here to feed our hungry ears.

If the band is new to you, you’re in for an even bigger treat. Do you dig The Velvet Underground?  Belle and Sebastian? The Pastels?  Yes?  Then this is your band.

As you know, first listens are always special—almost sacred—moments in the lives of dedicated music scholars, and we hope you’ll take the opportunity to discover this amazing band right here in our own backyard.  Read on to discover more…

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Rave Reviews For Our New Years Dance Party Artist: Kid Sister

Got your New Years plans lined up yet?  It’s already less than a month away!

We suggest that you grab your tickets to the hottest party in town now, because they won’t last long.  On the eve of 2010, we’ll be presenting TEN, the all-night dance party featuring an artist creating major buzz on the hip hop/club scene:  Kid Sister.   We’ll be releasing more exciting details soon (including MCs, DJs, and prizes), but for now, check out the music world’s warm reception to this talented, rising star and her new album, Ultraviolet.


“The dance-pop album of the year.” – CHICAGO TRIBUNE

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