Dessa Burglarized: You Can Help

All of us at True Endeavors were deeply saddened to hear that our friend Dessa‘s tour van was recently burglarized, causing a devastating loss of personal and intellectual property.

If there is a silver lining in this ordeal, it is surely the incredible outpouring of generosity from fans and fellow artists to help keep this hip hop icon’s tour on the road.  If you are able, please consider joining them and making a donation to help recover some of the losses.

Live Videos: Atmosphere – The Orpheum – 9/8/2010

Everyday can’t be the best day.  Do what you can right now, don’t hesitate.

These were words to live by if you were an Atmosphere fan in Madison on Wednesday night.  Slug and company kicked off the first show of our massive fall line-up with a bang, never letting the energy of the sold-out crowd drop below epic proportions.  If you were like us, you were probably left dazed, confused, and wondering at the end of the night if this possibly was the best day?

Relive the chaos that Atmosphere brought to The Orpheum through these live videos, and be sure to leave us a comment on your experiences of the night!

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