Live Madison Concert Video: The Rural Alberta Advantage at High Noon Saloon, 03.24.11

The Rural Alberta Advantage are a geography, or maybe even a history band.  Not just by namesake, but by the same way The Decemberists often find themselves identified as a literary band.  Behind the somewhat sweet facade of love (or love lost) songs, lead singer Nils Edenloff hides something more sinister.  Upon looking under the surface of the songs, one finds stories of rock slides that bury an entire town (Frank, AB), a suicide bridge (Dethbridge in Lethbridge), and the 2nd deadliest tornado in Canada’s history (Tornado ’87).

Fresh off the release of an amazing new album, Departing, The Rural Alberta Advantage stopped by the High Noon Saloon last Thursday to show off these new tunes to a crowd that will surely include the album in their year-end “best of” lists come December.

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