Live Concert Photos: Scout Niblett, 03.20.10

So I set up, the crowd fills in, and the openers open (quite well, I might add). Scout steps up and right away, with the first number, she defines the entire show. Feel the reverb, the subtle passion of the verse, the noise-riot chorus as it hits those Nirvana bones deep. She’d obviously picked up a burnt piece of Kurdt on her way in. I felt very embarrassed as my shutter snapped a bit too loud during that first verse.  Sorry Scout, didn’t mean to break the spell.

Scout Niblett Portrait live @ The Frequency

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Just Announced Madison Concerts: Rogue Wave, Camera Obscura, Vetiver, Scout Niblett, and Tally Hall

Scout Niblett

Here’s another piping hot batch of just-announced artists coming to Madison to play their hearts out.  Huge indie musicians like Rogue Wave, Camera Obscura, Vetiver, Scout Niblett, and Tally Hall are all on their way!  Read on to get the details, and visit our Music Calendar to grab tickets to the shows.

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