Just Announced Madison Concert + Win Tickets Before You Can Buy: The Black Lips, 9.18.14

Thursday, September 18, 2014


Black Lips

with special guests King Khan & BBQ Show

High Noon Saloon – 8pm

$18 adv, $20 dos – 18+

Tickets on sale through our Music Calendar Friday, May 30 at 10am.

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Box Elders Will Ready The Stage For The Black Lips In Style This Friday

Box Elders

With flower punk rockers Black Lips headlining and Madison’s own The Hussy on the bill, this Friday’s show at the High Noon Saloon is sure to excite audiences.  Want another reason to check out the show?  The drummer for opener Box Elders simultaneously plays the keyboard.

That’s right: with one stick crashing on the drums, the other is in Box Elders member Dave Goldberg’s mouth while getting out notes on the keyboard.  With a light that turns and flashes inside his kick drum, too, Goldberg knows how to mesmerize crowds.

Box Elders were founded in 2005 when brothers Clayton and Jeremiah McIntyre decided to form a group in Omaha and named it after the bugs that infested their house and their snare drum.  Clayton and Jeremiah’s mom was originally featured on the drums and vocals, but she left the band after a few months.  After Dave Goldberg saw the group perform a free show, he took over on drums.  Rather than find a fourth member for keyboards, Clayton and Jeremiah encouraged Dave to practice and play drums and keyboard at the same time.  The trio from Omaha, Nebraska has come a long way since.
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Musical Mix Ups

As music fans, we’re constantly swimming in a deep sea of band names. From the minimalist (The The) to the extravagant (The Pains of Being Pure At Heart) and everything in between, it often seems like bands put just as much creativity into their monikers as they do with their music.

Just imagine a band’s frustration when, after establishing a snappy name for themselves, they discover some other new young upstarts who dared to name themselves something disturbingly similar. The nerve!

As much as it must drive bands crazy to have the added task of distancing themselves from their similarly named peers, it is an equally challenging burden for us music fans to have to mentally organize the wealth of music out there. That’s why we’re here to help!

Click here to discover the differences between the most easily confused bands around!