Watch This: The Hussy Covers “Studs In Love”

The Hussy

Noisey just premiered The Hussy‘s rad new Shane Shane-directed video for their cover of Digital Leather‘s “Studs In Love,” from the bands’ recently-released split 12″.

Check it out below, and be sure to grab your tickets to see the local punk heroes open up the September 18 Black Lips show at the High Noon Saloon with King Khan & BBQ Show!

Punk Means No Rules: An Interview With NOBUNNY


An hour and a half into the bands’ performances at last Wednesday’s Nobunny show, I was pretty sure I was going deaf. I mean this in the best way possible, of course. It was a voluntary deaf. A punk rock deaf. In between set breaks, I heard the distant sound of severe thunderstorm warnings, and yet I couldn’t take my eyes off of the stage or inch myself to safety away from the room’s speakers. If you left the show that night hearing anything but subtitles, then sorry to say it: you were somewhere else entirely.

With the smell of what I’ll lovingly refer to as ‘punk funk’ wafting through the air, openers Bad Sports and Lonesome Savages kept the fuzz going throughout the night. A special performance from Madison’s own The Hussy however deserves special acclaim. The dizzy twosome got everyone’s heads zombie nodding throughout their set, and in between crescent kicks to his own tuning pegs, lead singer Bobby Hussy was suave enough to bring listeners closer for a “slow one” before karate kicking temples back towards the bar. Drummer Heather Hussy kept the cymbals crashing like broken glass.  A couple of guitar surfs, body surfs, and crowd splashings later, The Hussy had invaded the collective psyche and left with hearts in their back pockets.

And then entered the bunny.

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Live Concert Photos: The Men

The Men live concert photos The Frequency Madison WI

Evan Benner swung by The Frequency this Sunday night to check out the action at The Men show and capture the following wicked shots of the guys (as well as openers The Lonesome Savages and The Hussy) to share with our readers.  Take a look at what went down after the jump.

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Box Elders Will Ready The Stage For The Black Lips In Style This Friday

Box Elders

With flower punk rockers Black Lips headlining and Madison’s own The Hussy on the bill, this Friday’s show at the High Noon Saloon is sure to excite audiences.  Want another reason to check out the show?  The drummer for opener Box Elders simultaneously plays the keyboard.

That’s right: with one stick crashing on the drums, the other is in Box Elders member Dave Goldberg’s mouth while getting out notes on the keyboard.  With a light that turns and flashes inside his kick drum, too, Goldberg knows how to mesmerize crowds.

Box Elders were founded in 2005 when brothers Clayton and Jeremiah McIntyre decided to form a group in Omaha and named it after the bugs that infested their house and their snare drum.  Clayton and Jeremiah’s mom was originally featured on the drums and vocals, but she left the band after a few months.  After Dave Goldberg saw the group perform a free show, he took over on drums.  Rather than find a fourth member for keyboards, Clayton and Jeremiah encouraged Dave to practice and play drums and keyboard at the same time.  The trio from Omaha, Nebraska has come a long way since.
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Monday Concert Connection: Going Underground


There has been an all-too-familiar chill in the air these last few days.  While it’s not yet time to dig a burrow and start hibernating, let’s “go underground” this week with shows from garage punks The Spits, and Rootbeer‘s delicious danceable hip hop.  Read on to find out how you could win tickets to the shows.

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