Tonight’s Set: Throw Me The Statue & The Brunettes

Indie pop at it’s finest.

9:30 Nurses

10:30 The Brunettes

11:30 Throw Me The Statue

At the Annex.

Words & free songs at Daytrotter:

The Brunettes’…couldn’t be more clear in describing the attraction than they are in “Stereo (Mono Mono),” a song that lets the man/papa mono be the sound coming from the right ear and the woman be the sound coming from the left ear of a headphone. They’re coming from different places, they meet up in the middle and they sound best in tandem…read/listen more

Throw Me The Statue’s Scott Reitherman…sings in a manner that could itself light a table full of candles, the slowly spilling and rolling off the side of the molten wax, the effects of his carefully chosen words and the temperature of which his speaks….read/listen more