Media Roundup: It’s Like A Musical Blanket–With Sleeves!

What’s been going on in the world of music lately? Read on to get the scoop on your favorite artists, and start some discussion about current music-related events!


Ex-Clash drummer Topper Headon has generously offered his customized Mini Cooper to be raffled off to raise money for the Strummerville charity.  The organisation was established after the death of the band’s frontman, Joe Strummer, and serves to give aid to young musicians.

Topper Headon

Topper Headon

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Avoiding Ticket Trauma


Being a music fan can be expensive–especially when you’re a concert junkie! How many times have you sat down at the computer to buy a pair of $20 tickets to a show, only to end up paying almost the same again in additional fees? Unfortunately, we’ve all been there.

The company that seems to receive the brunt of “overcharging” complaints from ticket buyers is Ticketmaster. Their website even has an entire page devoted to explaining the reasoning behind their various add-on fees such as the “facility charge,” “convenience charge,” “order processing fee,” and “delivery price.” Ticketmaster is hardly alone in their use of these additional charges. Almost every major online ticket dealer and concert venue requires customers to pay a little (or a lot) extra when buying tickets.

Most of us shrug off these additional fees as a necessary evil. It’s the price we pay for getting to experience great music, right? It sucks, but what can you do? A great deal, actually. Attending live local shows really doesn’t have to break the bank.

With the convenience and popularity of online ticket purchasing in recent years, it seems that many concert goers have forgotten that making a quick stop at the venue itself to pick up tickets–yes, in person–can save you quite a bit of money. Swing by local concert venues like The High Noon Saloon, Orpheum and Barrymore when you’re out and about. You’ll find that by purchasing directly from the venue, you can avoid getting slammed with some of the additional fees that online customers face.

Of course, even though Madison has a myriad of great concert venues, it isn’t always convenient or economical for those of us living in the boondocks of suburbia to make the hike downtown to buy tickets every time a new show is announced. That’s why True Endeavors employs Brown Paper Tickets to sell tickets to our shows whenever possible. The site charges minimal service fees and no additional charge for first class ticket delivery.

“We add a non-refundable service charge of $0.99 plus 2.5% to the price of the tickets we sell. This is the smallest fee in the ticketing industry,” the site pledges. “The price is always the same whether ordered over the phone, online or in person.”

Not bad, eh?

We know it isn’t always feasible to avoid dealing with the bigger ticketing companies–sometimes they’re the only option for a given show–but with these bits of insight in mind, hopefully you’ll be able to keep a few few extra bucks in your pocket as you head off to attend the many fantastic shows this spring has to offer!

-Shelley Peckham

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