Best Music Hang-outs Online: Social Networks Part 1

With the overwhelming array of choices and services for the ordinary music fan or band I decided to take some time to look over online music spots. I quickly realized that no list could ever be complete (without you crying for me to stop at least).

I’ll start with some music-centered social networking site picks for this week, and then continue on with others in a future post. Here is my own compilation of the best, weirdest, or at least most unique sites..

what are your faves?


This site refers to itself as the “social music revolution”. LastFM is one of those smart sites that reads the contents of your personal music catalog (upon registration) and makes recommendations as to other music you might like. It offers up a personal profile, radio players, artist pages, concert updates, music videos, free song downloads (thought you might want to go straight to that one), and more. Bands can create their own pages as well and anybody can upload music.

Here’s how they put it: taps the wisdom of the crowds, leveraging each user’s musical profile to make personalised recommendations, connect users who share similar tastes, provide custom radio streams, and much more..we are a London-based company with a music-obsessed team of developers and creative professionals from around the world.

So there you go.



I know that everyone and their grandmother knows about the MySpace empire, but I can’t really write this without including them. Although it is not just a music site Myspace is used by just about every band in existence. It is an easy access tool to the latest updates, tour stops, blogs, music, downloads, photos, etc from bands and is totally free for any band to use.

Organized and easy use, you don’t have to be web savvy at all to have a really cool personal or band site, or to find out more about your friends new favorite band. I am often surprised at how many bands also offer free downloads from their sites. Probably more used as a social networking tool by bands than any other site in existence, it is definitely the most direct way to hear from and hear literally what bands are up to.



This site is different than the others in two main ways: 1.) It is based entirely on the music of Jack Johnson, and 2.) The primary focus is purportedly to be a new social action network where you can discuss issues and events, explore non-profit groups, and take action to make positive change in your local and world community.

I am unsure if there exist other “social action network” sites that center around music but it is an obvious collaboration. If you sign up you are the lucky recipient of a free download, access to the community discussion forums, upload videos of your own community projects, and can give money to select organizations. Mostly however this site appears to be an online Jack Johnson alter. Anybody have experiences here or know of other music & social action sites?



Another smart music site (and one of my faves) is MOG. This site also reads your music files and makes personalized recommendations. MOG is essentially a blogging site for serious music fans. The personal pages offer many options and it is likely you will find complete strangers offering up earnest and intelligent comments in response to your posts. There are also artist pages where anyone can add info about specific bands and musicians. The user generated writing is high content and high quality- many “Moggers” are clearly in the music industry.

From the horses mouth: Imagine if Rolling Stone or MTV had thousands of writers and producers contributing news, reviews, songs, and videos that were filtered based on what you were listening to, so you could always find the good stuff. That’s exactly what MOG is doing..One of the first online communities built exclusively for music lovers, MOG was founded in June 2005 by CEO David Hyman. MOG has been funded to date by Angel investors and is headquartered in Berkeley, CA.
The MOG Gazette



Ilike is probably most well known by it’s Facebook application. This smart player (through the website) also reads your music collection, and gives you personalized recommendations. It is very friend centered; you receive more recommendations with additional friends, it displays what your friends are listening to, and it will give you a detailed breakdown of how your tastes are similar or different than theirs. Additionally you can program it to give you recommendations through your ITunes account as well as other channels. Artists may also create their own profiles.

The same company runs the “artist community” Garage Band and a “broadcaster community” called G Cast. They say: We invite every music lover to participate in a more democratic music industry. By rating, recommending, or simply by listening to music, you’ll impact what gets recommended to others.

– social music discovery



Unlike the others, this social network is aimed at primarily at musicians. Both musicians and music fans can create their own profiles which include basic descriptions. The very unique feature here however is that musicians can broadcast live over the internet, even jamming with other musicians anywhere in the world through the site. Keep in mind, that such internet use will require a more than decent modem/router set up, personally I have my sights on the ubee modem, their product line is sturdy and without extra bells and whistles. Meanwhile, fans as well as musicians and site members can listen in.

Self description: Unlike sites that allow users to “post and listen” to audio content, our innovative technology platform enables real-time music collaboration and creation, linking musically oriented communities of interest.

Now that’s cool.

JamNow Forum


A Week in Live Shows

Can you keep up after last weeks intense run? Oh yes you can! Summer is rolling around and that means tour schedules will slow down- so get it while it’s hot (or at least before you have to travel 4 hrs. for a touring band and a beer)!

Friday May 2


Genre: Rock

“..rock and roll at its pure, shaggy best. If you’re tired of that, you’re tired of life…” -Splendid

Chains of Love- The Dirtbombs

10:00 pm @ High Noon Saloon 608-268-1122 $12 adv – 21+



Saturday May 3


Genre: Rock

“..proclamations about life and the Devil growled over careful acoustic strums and tiny wisps of pedal steel…” -Pitchfork

Dane 101 Interview

Two Free BRMC Song Downloads

Saturday 9:30 pm @ High Noon Saloon 608- 268-1122 $16 adv / $18 dos – 18+



Sunday May 4

RA RA RIOT + THE LITTLE ONES with special guests HEY CHAMP

Genre: Indie/ Folk Rock

“Ra Ra Riot – a band of Syracuse University students past, present and on hiatus – find that balance — already in its short life, literally putting heartbeats and pacemakers into the stuffing of all of the songs that they’ve thus far put to their name – an explosive tag of cheerful and misleading aggression…” -Daytrotter

Dying is Fine- Ra Ra Riot

Four Free Ra Ra Riot Downloads from Daytrotter

The Little Ones..are here for you to feel better about yourself, once the cabin fever has lost its control and you’re free to go. They taunt everything from the waist down — on everyone within a 10-mile radius — to not go on and freak out all over the place with euphoric spasms becoming dancing and universally recognized getting down…” -Daytrotter

Lovers Who Uncover- The Little Ones

Four The Little Ones Free Song Downloads From Daytrotter Sessions

Three The Little Ones Free Song Downloads

8:00 pm @ The Annex 608- 256-7750 $10 adv – 18+



Monday May 5


Genre: Indie/ Psychadelic

“..the band can strum hypnotic, Eastern-tinged folk as it well as it pounds hypnotic, Sabbath-style riffs.” -Onion AV Club

What Needs Must Be- Dead Meadow

Five Free Dead Meadow Song Downloads

9:00 pm @ High Noon Saloon 608- 268-1122 $8 adv / $10 dos – 18+


$1.50 PBR bottles all night & FREE Pizza from Glass Nickel!

Thanks to WORT FM and The Onion!


Tuesday May 6

TEGAN AND SARA Out of Hibernation Tour with special guest AN HORSE

Genre: Indie/ Pop/ Alternative

“..defying conventional notions of rock rhythm, and featuring songs that seem to go through at least three melodic changes before recycling.” -Onion AV Club

Walking With A Ghost- Tegan and Sara

Free Tegan and Sara Song Download

7:30 pm @ Barrymore Theatre 608-241-8864 $25 adv – all ages



Thursday May 8


Genre: Americana/ Alternative/ Country

“With accompaniment as varied as vocals from Ollabelle and Brazilian percussion from Mauro Refosco, White still keeps us off balance with rich, unpredictable textures that convey lost-in-the-backwoods disorientation.” -Billboard

If Jesus Drove a Motor Home- Jim White

Listen to NPR World Cafe – March 5, 2008 Jim White in-studio performance/ interview

8:00pm @ Orpheum Stage Door 608.255.8755 $15 adv $17 dos – all ages



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