Live Concert Photos: Liars @ High Noon Saloon (7.14.10)

The Liars live @ High Noon Saloon

Liars rocked the crowd at The High Noon Saloon HARD last week.  Take time to congratulate yourself for being there that night. You’re going to brag about this one to your grandkids while they ignore you for hover boards and time travel….

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Live Concert Photos: Melvins @ High Noon Saloon (6.26.10)

The Melvins Buzz Osborne 2 @ The High Noon Saloon

It was just another Saturday night at the High Noon Saloon—just another Saturday night with Totimoshi and sonic legends The Melvins blowing the doors down, that is!

Every beat felt like a gunshot; every sludge chord was a tribute to pointed anger and recklessness. The pit seethed with the benevolent brutality we all know and love.  These guys still got it after nearly 30 years!  Was there even any doubt?

Check out photos from the show below.

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Landon Pigg Live From Studio M

Landon Pigg

Before heading over to the High Noon for tonight’s performance, singer/songwriter Landon Pigg stopped by our friends at 105.5 Triple M to record a session in Studio M.  True Endeavors was on hand to get you a preview of the beautiful melodies you have in store for you at tonight’s show.   Tickets are still available at the door!  Check back with Triple M for more videos from the Studio M session soon!  Read on to learn more about this talented artist and check out a video from his Studio M Session.

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Live Concert Photos: Har Mar Superstar

Har Mar Superstar Naked Power live @ The Annex

“This Har Mar guy is all about getting down. He’s about crashing the party all by himself, naked. Just try and hate on the half Jagermeister popstar, half male strip show…”  –Christian Hansen

If you weren’t at The Annex last Friday night, you missed quite a show, to say the least (unless of course, you were at The High Noon Saloon, where The Black Lips had an epic face melting party of their own). No, it wasn’t a dream.  We have proof.  Christian Hansen was there to shoot the dickens out of this sequined vision in gold, and his equally entertaining Madison-based openers, Shane Shane and Screamin’ Cyn Cyn and the Pons.

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Hacienda Photos: Proof of Greatness

(see: Truth)

“Hacienda is now a verb. These guys are the definition of applied energy with direction. They’re dedicated to a sound that this journalist hasn’t heard live in far too long.  That old toe-tappin’, ass-shakin’ we loved in previous lives gets a fresh take. Don’t forget that they wrapped it all up with a cover of ‘Woolly Bully’ that would make Sam the Sham eat his ridiculous turban. Think that you’re following a string of pretty words into a dark alley where you’re mind will be changed for you? Hands down music lover. This post doesn’t want your wallet. This post is here to stand for truth. Check it…

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That actually happened… serious. Look for more next time. Until then, head on over to the photon-buffet @ Thanx”

(cut to black)

(c) 2010 Christian Hansen

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