New 2,000-Seat Entertainment Venue Coming To Madison In 2015!

Frank Productions

We have big news to share with our blog readers today on behalf of our partners at Frank Productions.  

The live music scene in Madison is about to get amped up with the addition of a new entertainment venue on the near-east side. Frank Productions has just announced plans to build a state-of-the-art music venue as part of the ongoing revitalization of the 1000 North Block of East Washington in the Capitol East District.

According to Fred Frank, Chief Operating Officer of Frank Productions, Inc., the venue currently does not have a name.  However, the brand will be “uniquely Madison.” “We intend to create a space that’s both easy and exciting for artists, as well as a venue that the Madison community can support and be proud of.  We want the venue to become a Madison destination. We’re thrilled to be part of the progressive plans in place for this area.”

“This concert venue could bring a great deal of dynamism and excitement to the area,” said Ledell Zellers, Alder, District 2. “I’m encouraged that a local, multi-generational family business is interested in making this large of an investment in the near-east side. As the proposal moves forward, I’ll make sure that neighbors are involved in the process​ and that issues, such as increased traffic, will be addressed.”

“Designing a space to spec allows us to put a lot of thought into how to make the experience memorable for patrons, artists and rental clients,” continued Frank. “We work in hundreds of venues around the country and we know what a space needs to make it successful.  Constructing our ideal facility is going to be a lot of fun.”

The venue will be built from the ground up and will have state-of-the-art facilities for patrons and entertainers.  The primary function of the space will be to host concerts and other live entertainment, but it will have the flexibility and equipment to host corporate and community events, and private parties.

The preliminary plans include a capacity of over 2,000, with a flexible wall system to reduce capacity for a more intimate experience. There will be a VIP lounge and seating area, expansive dressing room facilities, and offices for Frank Productions’ growing staff. The new facility will be 46,000 square feet, spread between the first floor and the balcony.

The project developer, Stone House Development, Inc., has plans to construct parking facilities on the same block to accommodate the venue and other commercial tenants.

Frank Productions expects the privately-funded project to begin construction in six months. More information will be released as the project moves forward.



This Weeks Shows & Downloads

We’ve got lots of videos, interviews, and songs you can watch or download for your very own.


Friday June 27


Genre: Indie/Folk/Americana



Genre: Folk/Acoustic/Pop

The Boston Globe describes her sound as “elegant and free-floating melodies that feel both modern and rooted.

Song for Jeffrey Lucey- Meg Hutchinson

with special guest ROSE COUSINS

Friday, June 27, 6:30 pm early start time High Noon Saloon 608.268.1122 $10 – 18+



Sunday June 29

PETE FRANCIS (of Dispatch)

Genre: Rock/Folk Rock/Jam Band

In his songs a poetic tension exists between textured imagery and pure improvised rock and roll. The record expresses Francis’ soulful rock, folk and blues influences with layered instrumentation of B-3 organ, lap-steel guitar, mandolin, and a driving rhythm section.

Similar to: Slightly Stoopid, John Butler Trio, Matt Nathanson, & Matt Costa

Shooting Star and the Ambulance- Pete Francis

Pete Francis Interview


Genre: Pop/Rock/Experimental

messily refined indie rock..and innovative, yet catchy, melodies that work their way into your head without you even knowing it..wildly inventive shows, and it’s while performing that the band’s vivid personalities come through.

Similar to: The Flaming Lips, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, & Kings of Leon

Circles- Colourmusic

Free Downloads:

Colourmusic- Yes Yes Yes

Colourmusic- Circles

Colourmusic- Calling Your Name

Sunday, June 29, 8pm High Noon Saloon 608.268.1122 $10 –




Thursday July 3


Genre: Rock/Psychedelic

Though the band is pinned as producing the same kind of indie rock aesthetic à la My Morning Jacket and Band of Horses, Dead Confederate dabbles in darker shades than their compared predecessors..Dead Confederate echo the Drive-By Truckers’ bittersweet southern rock angst with the smoke-heavy swagger of the Black Angels.

The Rat- Dead confederate

Dead Confederate Interview

Free Download:

Dead Confederate

with special guests ROCK PLAZA CENTRAL

Genre: Folk/Americana

After a pair of glowing reviews from the influential music website Pitchfork they have recently come to prominence as a major indie rock band.

..evocative lyrics and powerful outstanding fusion of alt-country earnestness and indie rock absurdity. Without any trace of flaunt or deliberateness, this homespun epic proves as casual in tone as it is ambitious in scope… sure to have tears welling and fists aloft in raucous salute.”- Josh Berquist, PopMatters, April 2007

Similar to: Okkervil River, Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy, M. Ward, The Avett Brothers, & My Morning Jacket

My Children, Be Joyful- Rock Plaza Central

Rock Plaza Central Interview 2007

Free Downloads:

Rock Plaza Central- My Children, Be Joyful, 2006 Are We Not Horses

Rock Plaza Central- We’ve Got a Lot to be Glad For, 2006 Are We Not Horses

Thursday July 3, 9pm High Noon Saloon 608.268-1122 $8 adv $8 dos




Friday July 4

WORT-FM welcomes


Genre: Country/Indie/Bluegrass

While most current country music is calculated to form an inoffensive backdrop to the suburban shopping experience, Robbie Fulks writes songs that make you think and feel and quite often laugh out loud.

Similar to: Steve Earle, Neko Case, & Lyle Lovett

Cigarette State- Robbie Fullks


Genre: Americana/Folk/Pop

With an album on Paste Magazine’s Top 100 of 2007 and comparisons popping up all over the place between singer/songwriter Ben Kyle and both Jeff Tweedy and Ryan Adams, it probably won’t be too long before you’ll no longer be able to catch these guys in such a cozy venue.

Drink the Night Away- Romantica

Free Downloads:

Romantica- The Dark (with Ryan Adams)

9:30 pm High Noon Saloon 608.268.1122 $15 adv and dos . 21+



Music as Life’s Narrator

What is the soundtrack of your life?

Even for those of us who don’t pay much attention to the hottest bands of the month, music still exists in our peripheries..and in our psychies.

Try this..if you were born in the 50’s or 60’s you probably have a particularly visceral and emotional response to these songs

or 60’s & 70’s?

or born in the 70’s & 80’s?

Most, if not all of us could probably tell the stories of our lives simply by playing the music we chose to listen to at that time; childhood hope..teen angst and insecurity..young adult disillusionment..and so on.

The attraction of the mix tape is essentially the inclination to package and express hopes and experiences in our lives, through music. I know my generation spent countless hrs. on bedroom floors pressing the record button on 2 deck cassette players. But each generation has their own version of musical storytelling, whether it be record collections or personalized Pandora stations.

But why is it that music resonates so deeply through our life experiences?

It turns out that music essentially has it’s own biology. Although the right hemisphere of the brain is often associated with creativity, studies show that neuro-pathways in the brain respond to music in both hemispheres. In fact both sides are essential for the accurate perception of musical components such as rhythm.

The biology of music effects us viscerally as well. The reason you want to shake it in response to music is because the human brain activates it’s movement centers as part of its neurological response. It really is unnatural to be stuck in your chair at a great show- formalities of the venue or not.

Other studies have shown that music affects the emotional centers of the brain- although that process is not entirely understood yet. Medical studies have shown however that this connection can help patients lower blood pressure, increase the efficiency of oxygen delivery to the heart, help dyslexics read more easily, & help premature babies gain weight faster.

Whether we understand all the connections yet or not, one thing is clear..we are hard wired to experience and process music in our lives.

Mark Jude Tramo, a Harvard neuroscientist, believes the explanation becomes clear when we take in to account that dance and music preceded verbal language in human evolution. In fact, there have been no cultures discovered in human history without archaeological evidence of a role for music.

But after all the analysis what does this all really mean for you? Keep rocking- your brain needs it.

-MJ Hecox

Reference: Music on the brain: Researchers explore the biology of music By William J. Cromie, Harvard Gazette