Two Shows This Week On Us

This week we’ve got two unique artists to which our readers will get a chance to win tix. Whether you’ve never heard of these artists before or are die-hard fans this is your chance to check them out on us!



Thursday January 29


Genre: Folk

“Chris Pureka’s sophomore release, Dryland plays like the way she enters a room—with low, deliberate airs, quietly demanding respect. One stark, solo acoustic guitar builds into layered swan songs and raspy serenades that resonate with unassuming depth and candor.”

9pm Cafe Montmartre 608.255.5900 $10 adv &10 dos – 21+

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Chris is known for her sensual and emotionally evocative folk style, what other like-minded folk musicians do you wish would make a stop in Madison? Give us your top list by commenting on this blog and we’ll pick a winner at random tomorrow afternoon!


Friday, January 30


Genre: Indie Rock

“Elf Power’s tripped-out pop-smarts provide the contradictory musical notions that never allow the album to sway too far in one bleak direction or another: it’s the friction between Chesnutt’s shadowy worldview and the inventive bounce and bray of Elf Power’s joyful chemistry that buoys the album (Dark Developments), provides its freshness, and makes for highly rewarding repeated listens.”

Elf Power- All the World is Waiting

Vic Chesnut- Interview

9:30pm High Noon Saloon 608.268.1122 $10 adv – 18+

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-Elf Power will play before Vic and then join Vic on stage as his backing band-

Since Vic Chestnutt is an adopted darling of Michael Stipe, send us a link to the most interesting Michael Stipe video and tell us why you like it. We’ll pick our fave and announce the winner of two tickets tomorrow afternoon right here!

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Added Note: Just thought I’d post the video that Jason, our Elf Power/Vic Chestnutt winner linked to (REM- Radio Free Europe 1983). Letterman is actually looking at the vinyl cover to announce the band.