Your Ears Are Gonna Bleed and You’re Gonna Love It! (An Interview With The Thermals)

The Thermals

“I looked my fear in the eyes!” Hutch Harris shouts from the depths of The Thermals’ newest album, Now We Can See. This time, the fear isn’t of Little Georgie Bush Jr. and his fascist army of Christian culture warriors. No, this Portland-based trio has been there and done that. Instead, Now We Can See is more of a personal journey of life, death, and resurrection. The song titles alone speak volumes: “When We Were Alive,” “We Were Sick,” “How We Fade,” “I Let Go,” “When I Died”—you get the picture. Depressing stuff it would seem, but in true Thermals fashion, Harris, Kathy Foster, and new addition Westin Glass never go far without arming themselves.  This newest piece of work bleeds of all the critical and classic punk weaponry of sarcasm, humor, wit and energy. Read on to check out our interview with the wickedly-cool-fierce force of Kathy Foster!

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