Jakob Dylan’s Latest Masterpiece and An Update From Tag

Jakob Dylan

I’ve been pestering my Facebook friends with my affection for Jakob Dylan‘s new CD, Women And Country, so some of you might already be hip to this new obsession of mine. Produced by one of my favorite musicians and producers, T Bone Burnett, this record features guest appearances by avant guitarist Marc Ribot, fiddle/mandolin genius (and ex-Alpha Band member) David Mansfield, and, most notably, the stellar back-up vocals of Neko Case and Kelly Hogan.

I’ve learned to pay attention to what makes me cry, and, for whatever reason, these songs make me cry. There’s a deep beauty and wisdom about them, going beneath the surface of things:

Through rolling acres of boneyards we drift

Our spirits’ been broken been splintered to bits

Faith is believing what you see ain’t so

…we got to learn to live with these ghosts

They can’t leave and we can’t go.

-“Everybody’s Hurtin'”

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